Friday, October 22, 2010


Nothing really beckons you here.  At the eye-catching name of COME EVERY DAY Coffee shop, next to Geylang United Football Club there is a stall called Simpang Yong Tau Foo.  It is along Bedok North Street Street just after you turn left from Upper Changi Road.

What stood up although the stall is not dressed up to attract the crowd is the display of what's available besides yong tau foo.   There's deep fried pork leg and yong tau foo salad, the latter an unassumingly low profile dish name is not likely to draw your attention either.  It's no salad and I suspect the mayonnaise dressing probably lends it the name.

This simple dish is however, remarkably good and I think the creation deserves a place in a proper restaurant setting given it's finesse touch. Alas the picture you can see a strand of my hair that dropped during the photo shoot and I didnt realised this !!!

YONG TAU FOO SALAD is actually a piece of deep fried silken egg tofu topped with two deep fried prawns and dribbled with mayonnaise dressings.  A final topping of parsley leaves enhanced the presentation whilst the tofu sits on a base of a flavourful sauce.  

The squarish piece of deepfried silken egg tofu is very delicate, smooth and flavourful and together with the gravy, the combination is just excellent in taste and texture.  I really enjoyed the two deep-fried prawns that came together with the tofu.  The whole creation is marvellous, yummilicious and the stall owner / chef deserved an accolade for this.  At $3 a dish, it is easy for the pocket and yet good in taste. 

I have yet to try the other dishes of yong tau foo and deep fried pork leg  and I am sure you will find it equally as delightful as YONG TAU FOO SALAD.  You must try this!

Bedok North Ave 3

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