Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The PRELUDE was an evening run at East Coast Park. Weather was nice and breezy.  Some had to cut short their usual long distant run and the rest at their own pace before we meet at East Coast Park Lagoon Hawker Centre.  I was to order the popular Satay Bee Hoon and everyone had asked for a $4 plate but it was not to be as unfortunately, the stall is closed for the night.

The next day after the run, we have a MARATHON, this time a SEAFOOD MARATHON and we are going to waste the calories that we burnt the evening before. We head to TURF CLUB CITY for AH YAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT for the seafood dig. 

And Marathon it was ! we ordered DISH 1 to DISH 14 and inclusive of free dessert it was DISH 15, all for $510 including GST and Service Charge and drinks.

Bamboo Clam, a mollusc and the dish is very tasty, slightly chewy and if you dont like garlic, there's plenty toppings added to the clam meat.  It's about 5~6" each though I would prefer the 3~4" ones which is sweeter.  It cost about $4 for each clam.

The scallop is also in its authentic shell, usually the gleaming pearl shell but here it is served in a diferent patterned shell but it's fresh from the tank and it's the sweetness and freshness that wows you.

We had 2 big Sri Lankan crab and two local ones and cooked in three different styles of black pepper, salted egg yolk and chilli but some of the crabs seemed hollow with little flesh.

Fit for the king, we each had an abalone each though it was quite unlike the taste we used to have during Chinese New Year taken from the tin can and the preserved taste.  This is fresh, less briny and easy to the bite.

Two type of fish servings after buying one patin and one sea bass.  The patin, a freshwater fish does not have the muddy taste but I am sure this is pond reared and the meat is very smooth.  It goes very well with the chilli assam gravy.

The fried beef may not be a seafood but this dish is very well cooked, soft tender cubes and wonder if they have a cow ranch at the former Turf Club.

What a nite, so much food and wine for ten of us that we wonder if we are going to have any such meal for months...

200 Turf Club Road
Main Grandstand, Turf City
Singapore 287994

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