Friday, October 22, 2010

The Terminal Hunt - FUN FOOT AND FOOD RACE !

Last Saturday, DWong had organised an The event called Terminal Hunt, an exciting, thrilling, tiring yet friendly and enjoyable game, over at Singapore Airport Terminal 1 2 and 3. 

Our team comprised of 11 participants and it was interesting that at the end of of event,  we got to know each other pretty well as in names, profession, where our dream holiday destination should be etc as this was part of the questionnaire which we must answer and our team scored a perfect 10/10.

The game started at T1 Burger King where we gathered and the clue was to start with BK Onion Rings and we will have to declare that we were there, bought it, ate it and finished with photos taken as evidence.  This is the first leg of the event.

T1 BURGER KING ONION RINGS - mmmmm yummy as we just begun and finished within seconds.

Next we have to find food that starts with  G as the last alphabet of BK ONION RING ends with R. 
We raced down to NTUC and instead of grabbing GROUNDNUT, we went for GRAPES which is easier to eat.  Such strategy helps to save time and it proved useful.

2nd HUNT

Now we have to find food starting with S to start again from the last alphabet of GRAPES. And we run up again to look for SOTONG.  Every one participated well and had fun along the way.  No one was overbearing but everyone played it well.

3rd HUNT
T1 CHEERS Convenient Store and our SOTONG. We seemed lost at first despite the smaller variety of  items on display at a convenient store and we enquired with the cashier where "Jiu Her" or sotong is and we got it !!!  WE MUST HAVE BEEN REAL SOTONG THEN NOT TO FIND IT.  Quickly we gobbled it before we head to the next venue.

The next word given is GZOYA (chinese dumpling), thus our last SOTONG has to begin with S and ends with G. Team effort to rake up the right food product name is critical.  We head to T1 Staff Canteen to look for our next item.

4th HUNT
T1 STAFF CANTEEN GYOZA  and I knew which stall to go to as we often come here for lunch with colleagues.  Someone place the order whilst the group is then tested on how well we interact socially and we answered every question fielded.  Yeah!

We have to move on quickly to catch up lost time.  We now have to take a skytrain service to move over to T3.  There we found our way to the Food Court for our APPLE JUICE.
5th HUNT
T3 FOOD COURT APLLE JUICE.  Someone just have to gulped it down

Next on the list is EGGS after APPLE JUICE which ends with letter E!!!   That was easy, YAKUN, you are there at the airport for a purpose.

6th Hunt
T3 YAKUN KAYA TOAST.   Well, 3 soft-boiled eggs goes to one young guy who need all the proteins and had the time to help him add pepper and dark soya sauce for the taste too. 

Finishing this we were given three item to find and remember the price of the given items.

7th HUNT
T3 NTUC FAIRPRICE SCHNICKERS.  Besides we have to check out in the big supermarket three items of glue, organic drink and third item which I have forgotten and we found the price and report back.  We were quick on our foot again and we found the items in no time.  Another group is outside! we have to move quickly.

8th HUNT
T3 POLAR High Street Cafe SPRITE.  Someone has to drink the can of SPRITE and by now many are exhausted and thirsty and there are more than one willing taker!  See the three gals sipping at the same time!

Our tactic is to make ourselves less visible and not attract attention to the other groups and we are emerging the winner but we still have our last leg of the game.. We cannot lose track and we have to make it before 3pm.

T2 MACDONALD EXPRESSO.  Yeah we finally completed the race, touch home base with much relief.

Along the whole race, we also have to look out and take photo of QUIZNOS at T1, the big WINDMILL at T3, RECYCLED POINT at T1 (or all over), MC CAFE at T2, Bali Hut with sunflower, the SLIDE at T3 etc...

yet we managed to finish the race before 3pm and HIP HIP HOORAY,
we emerged FIRST in the race.  Kudos to Team 4.


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