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It's fullhouse ! Thai Eatery in Bedok - NAKHON KITCHEN

I cant wait for Bedok Point, a new but small scaled shopping mall in Bedok to open this month, October.  I have gotten sneak information that Ayam Penyet, Sushi Tei and the casual eatery of Seafood Paradise  will creep into this town and make its presence felt in one of the oldest satellite town in Singapore.  It will give a boost and facelift to the rejuvenated yet old fashioned Bedok with this upcoming shopping centre as compared to the Big three Shopping Malls nearby in Tampines.  More exciting changes are coming this way with an integrated hub of shopping mall, condominium and bus interchange and Bedok MRT in the pipeline and we are slowly but surely seeing changes to this town but No! we dont need an overdrive of transformation and uplifting that may spoil the old town charm.
#01-166 Singapore 460136
Serving you authentic Thai  Cuisine

However, somewhere, about three bus stops away from the town centre, NAKHON Kitchen is already making waves in this township.  Every evening, you will see a queue at a corner of a row of shops along Bedok North Avenue 3 and you cannot miss it !  The non-airconditioned small Thai eatery boasts of full house seatings every night, be it weekday or weekend that this becomes the selling point to every traffic that passes by this road.  It's eye catching to see the buzz of activites at NAKHON Kitchen, just like how Bangkok comes alive at night!  The signboard shouts "Serving You Authentic Thai Cuisine" is no understatment..

We too were attracted here, my second visit for a taste of authentic Thai food..  No Sawadeekap as the waitresses were too busy clearing the tables but we were here for the good, simple yet tasty Thai food at very reasonable price !  HDB price you may say!  All we need is that Thai taste where a congruence of lemon grass, lemony tincture, honey flavour that bursts in your mouth and that is if you minus out the chilli padi or you will be screaming for ice cold water for the fiery burnt in the tongue!

We were pretty lucky as the queue was shorter and was quickly served.  A glance through the menu, you will get all the primary Thai fares that you will most likely order....Green Curry, Red Curry, Honey Chicken, Thai Mango Salad, Pineapple Rice etc.. and the prices are a steal at $5, $6 and I think the most is $18~$22.  Many tables ordered the Deep Fried Fish that is quite huge in serving.

We had Honey Chicken $6, Asparagus with Prawns $6 and Pineapple Rice $6 that it was more than sufficient for two of us and in fact it actually fed three instead.   We met a friend passing by this eatery on her way home and we invited her to join us and one tends to enjoy the food with more company.  We enjoyed the honey chicken which is deep fried and honey drenched although it left an indelible nampla (fish sauce) aftertaste.  A bit too salty but overall nicely deep fried, tasty, and crispy.  The asparagus stir fried with very fresh and translucent prawns was ordered instead of the ubiquitous kangkong with belachan and the vegetable is young and crunchy though a bit salty too.  I enjoyed the fine texture of the prawns, fresh unlike the Singapore styled Hokkien Mee prawn meat which I think is too dense to enjoy it (in my personal feel of how prawns should be prepared).

The three dishes served in authentic Thai crockeries comes up to only $18.00 and with two bottles of Coke and an Iced Tea, we only paid $25.00 and there is no GST or Service Charge!

NAKHON KITCHEN has other outlets besides Bedok and I know of one at Block 212 Hougang.

Block 136 Bedok North Ave 3
Tel: 62455548


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