Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After a shopping stop at Mid-Valley, we ran into a heavy Saturday
traffic snarl just as we drove out of the car park to the main road.  The three cars with different GPS guide journeyed to Genting in different direction.  Somehow one car turned into the wrong lane and it recalculates the direction thus splitting us into two groups to Genting.  For us we went through Bangsar.....

Genting Highlands, a mountain resort founded by the late Lim Goh Tong is a cool place for a quick getaway from the tropical heat and citybeat.  During this period, it is especially crowded as both Malaysia and Singapore schools are enjoying their long midyear holiday breaks and it was certainly packed when we reached there.  The weather may not as cool as before but you will love the mountain breeze and fresh air.

We checked in at Theme Park Hotel upon arrival and arranged for dinner at 5.30pm with pickups at the hotel lobby by Mushroom Farm Restaurant in their 9100 logo mini-vans. They will ferry you toand fro to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see the mushroom farm but passed by the shop that sells fresh mushroom.  At this time, the restaurant is very crowded and busy but you have one organised lady who does the ordering in a quick fashion.

Our first order of Bak Kut Teh was disappointing, watery and lacking in herbal flavours. My colleague then made a request for COD FISH and RIVER PRAWNS but alas, these were the most expensive dish, each exceeding RM100.
Why NOT!  We are up in the mountain and not next to the sea or river.

The Cod Fish was served steamed in thick cuts of smooth, fresh cod slices and the simple dish was very yummy. 

However, as expected the River Shrimp
was not so fresh as the flesh was not firm. 
|Interesting dish as it steamed in a bed of beaten eggs but for the price, this was disappointing.

Dong Po meat comes with fatty layers but it could have been braised longer till the meat and fat disintergrates.

Har Cheong Kai or deep fried prawn paste chicken was finger licking good.

The list goes on with fuyeong egg, green veg, kang kong, stir fry mushroom etc and despite the crowd, the food came fast and furious. 

Total bill came up to RM602 or SGD258 for the 16paxs including two young kids averaging about SGD16 per pax.  Not cheap particularly the COD and RIVER SHRIMP already cost RM260.

(Genting Highland Branch)
69000 Genting Highlands
Pahang D M Malaysia
Tel: 03-6101 2864  to arrange pickups using mini vans with 9100 logos
Business Hours: 10.00am to 10.30pm
Cater for Groups Lunch and Dinner

GENTING is refreshing with panaromic view of mountains, fauna and fresh air. 
The next day, each family had their own activities going for the theme park, both outdoor and indoor but for me, I do not enjoy such rides and naturally skipped it. 

We lazed often at OLD TOWN CAFE a couple of time and this coffee joint has found it way up Genting and being away from First World Hotel, it is less crowded.  We enjoyed the nicely brewed coffee in the nice cool weather...

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