Sunday, July 4, 2010


Travelling 20km away from Pontian town, we headed towards Kukup a small fishing village which I last visited when I was about 6years old.  I could still remember the batik dress that I wore and the picture that my dad took back then.  I am sure Kukup has developed over the years with so many seafood restaurants dotting the coastline but it still remains a simple village where it is now a getaway for many Singapore and Malaysians alike.

We were hungry after the karaoke session at Evelyn's house and she brought us to Kukup for the night out at High King Seafood Restaurant which overlooks the sea.  There is a row of restaurants on stilts overlooking the sea and the main stretch of road was brightly litted with neon signboards of seafood restaurants. 

As you dine, you will be treated to a night skyline that occasionally has an outburst of fireworks from afar, and litted lanterns that dot the dark sky. 

We placed our orders for some items but these were not available to our disappointment and we finally settled for:
Deep Fried Chicken Thai style
Chilli Crab
Butter Crab
Salted Prawns
Steamed Fish
The food was ok only, nothing to shout about though the seafood is fresh. 
For a short one day getaway, this is the place to enjoy the simple lifestyle of a village about 70km away from Singapore; simple, rustic and peaceful.  Your face will be swept by the seabreeze and you can get to watch the wooden boats swayed by the seawaves and wooden houses that are built on stilts over the water which have sprung up, turning the place into a water village. 

No. 7 Kukup Laut
82300 Kukup Pontian Johor
Contact:  Gay Kui Seng 012-7657463
Tel: 07-6960259

Actvitities after Dinner - WHOA ! 

This is fun, for RM5, you can buy a sky lantern (kong ming lantern) which works like the hot air balloon rising on hot air up to the sky, the higher the better and it will be blown towards the direction of the sea until it loose steam and drops off.  It has it origins in China supposedly invented by sage, Chu Ko Liang and it is now popular in Taiwan where thousands are released during some festivities, basically symbolising well wishes but to us there was no other significance besides being our first time to set off such big sky lanterns for a fun-filled night. 

Caution:  I must add that it is not environmentally friendly as it will drop off to the sea after drifting some distance.  It is also hazardous being flammable.

It is very beautiful as each of us released our glowing balloon into the dark sky, floating upwards and drifting away.  We watched as the sky began to brighten up, dotted with many Kongming lanterns which sequentially floating away, getting smaller and smaller.....until it gets out of sight.


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