Tuesday, January 12, 2010


No. 3 Seng Poh Road
#01-01 Singapore 168891

Tel: 65361691
Email: fookweng97@singnet.com,sg

Chef Ang Song Kang or better known as Chef Kang was missed by many when his famous Canton Wok at Joo Chiat had to be closed, for some reasons.  I have tried his culinary fares and he is good, creative and daring to be different, especially when he posted a huge poster of himself outside the former restaurant.

Well, reputation brought him back to his feet again and he is now the Chef at new Hong Kong styled  restaurant at Seng Poh Road, just behind Link Hotel.  It opened just two months back, with Hong Kong typical Cantonese name,

Very unlike the previous setup in an old colonial bungalow, this is a splendidly spanking new restaurant with an open kitchen concept behind a glass divider and a corner to display the roast duck and char siew and cascading tanks for the live fish and crustaceans.

I heard dinner is packed but for lunch, the crowd was thin and almost all waiter, waitress and captain attended to four of us besides a few other tables.  Service was good and so was the food.  Though the Dim Sum selection is not widespread, the dishes were better than some of the restaurants I had in Hong Kong.  Dont underestimate the usual Char Siew Pau (steamed BBQ pork bun), this was no ordinary fare but ingredient like Mui Choy, preserved vegetable with the char siew was delectable. 

Another favourite is the Deep Fried Yam Dumpling that is so tender and tasty with a delicate crispy nest like outer coating.  Not to be missed is the Deep Fried Durian pasty and at SGD4.00 for a plate of six cut pices, it is certainly worth your fill.

The Canto Styled steamd Prawn Dumpling and Hong Kong Styled Steamed Siew Mai effuse the charm of real DIM SUM taste, freshly steamed with fresh prawns and a well rounded fillings.

The glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf offer more with shred of dry scallops and salted egg yolk,  every spoon was yummy.

My only grouse, the DONG PO braised Pork was not as tender as I wished it had been and besides it has a  vinegary taste..

I have not tasted much of Chef Kang's feat today and he was no where to be seen either. I was told, our dear chef was busy in Guangzhou making his purchases for the coming Chinese New Year and that's the mark of a good chef who is involved right up to the finer touches of choosing the ingredients himself.

So much dish we had and the Bill comes up to SGD89.00 with NO GST and SERVICE charge at all.
Certainly recommended though I wish it has the Hong Kong morning mood where the restaurant is packed to the brim but again, I am happy that we were well attended to today.



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CUMI & CIKI said...

braise pork that was not tender.. fail lor.. :(

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