Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grand Hyatt Seoul is so regal and beautiful

Grand Hyatt Seoul
747-7 Hannam 2-Dong, Yongsan-Ku,
Seoul, South Korea 140-738
Tel: +82 2 797 1234 Fax: +82 2 798 6953

Grand Hyatt Seoul paced the standard of a hotel beyond just accomodation for the nite, it is luxurious, grand with awe-inspiring decors, excellent service and so regal and yet trendy.  It was simply a perfect getaway up at the foot of Namsan Hill, overlooking the surrounding city of Seoul.  It is so splendid to look out of the window with a view of city lights and a majestic feeling on top of the world just sweeped over you. 

The Lobby Lounge with the resident band crooning at the centrestage brought warmth and relaxation to the guests gathering in the evening, enjoying the music and drinks.

From my hotel room, we let the very cold wintry air seeped in throught the ducts and from the window you get a view of the magnificent ice skating ring below with skaters "dancing" into the night creating a fairyland magical effect before your eyes.

And with Christmas in season, the Grand Hyatt Seoul comes alive with the special effects of chrismassy touch, lighted trees and guests in holiday mood and impeccably dressed too.  At dinner, they were seen exchanging Christmas gifts too.

Turning the garden into a Wonderland with trees "blooming" as nite turns in.

The beds are not as comfy as you would like it to be though.

From the room window, you get a view of skaters who are oblivious of the cold at minus 18deg C.
Seoul Tower on top of Namsan Hill..



CUMI & CIKI said...

oh i stayed here b4.. luvlee;)

JENCOOKS said...

The explorer in you too!

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