Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Penang One & Only Original "Coconut Jelly"

with CKLam, Taukwa and Uncle Smart
31st July 2009

Pemborong & Peruncit Buah Kelapa
201, Jalan Dato Kramat 10150 Pulau Pinang
Hp : 016 4409049
Tel: 04 2296063

This is one of Penang's charm where you can enjoy one & only original Penang "Coconut Jelly" at Joez who are also wholesalers and sellers of coconuts that come from Perak in the mainland.

CK Lam has helped us trace the Penang food trails to this old shop house along Jalan Dato Kramat. This is a one stop which offers you a cool respite from the scorching heat outside as you can savour cool and refreshing coconut drinks that comes in the form of a cold jelly formed within the coconut shell which has been kept in the fridge below 2degrees C.

The clean coconut shells are clean shaven with the husks removed and it is shrink-wrapped to protect this "innocent" thin inner shell of the coconut. Then when you removed the cover, the truthful revelation of what's inside breaks loose!! No coconut water but a jelly within? Dont expect to put a straw like one always do but they offer you a spoon instead. Is this some sort of a transformation that has taken place? Trace back to your Geography lessons then, the versatility of coconut tree, from the leaves, to the husk to the shell and it's content, they all can be transformed into something useful and now a jelly-like coconut drink? How innovative !

Scoop out and taste the translucent jello of coconut drink that fills the whole cavity. You can also can scrape the white coconut flesh to accompany the jelly and what it offers is so divinely cooling and refreshing, a mild fragrant and pleasant taste you have not tasted elsewhere. It's exciting what Penang could offer, something old something new for us to discover on the first day of our trip there.

We were like the "Machiam Katak Di-Bawah Tempurong" if you overturned the empty shells having our first taste of such a nice dessert. Well, at least we have tried and relished such a unique creation.
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Life for Beginners said...

I love that jelly! Thanks also to CK Lam (and Lingzie) for taking me to Joez's too. :)

JENCOOKS said...

Kenny, heard you loves Penang food too and you are heading there again real soon. Enjoy !

J2Kfm said...

lovely stuff. glad that they're expanding.
but still rather hard to find in Ipoh. luckily the boss a nice guy, willing to send them over. heheheh ...

JENCOOKS said...

J2Kfm, serius, he do anything to satiate your cravings ! how much did u pay him ! Like the water biz we had; they get Perak coconuts and sell u back the by-product.

Big Boys Oven said...

I love using the straw to suck out the chill jelly, awesome rush! ;)

CK Lam said...

Glad to have the opportunity meeting you and your hubby in Penang.

CUMI & CIKI said...

great dessert!

JENCOOKS said...

BBOvens - always in for adrenalin rush? It's awesome.

CKLam - Your hospitality is so overwhelming. My husband and I enjoyed Penang thro streets, lorongs and roads in your company and guide.

Ciki - yup, only in Penang!

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