Monday, August 10, 2009


with CK Lam, Taukwa and Uncle Smart

APOM MANIS Stall along Lorong Baru Off MacAlister Road

I am one person who likes to end a meal with a dessert, something sweet maybe because I am a sweet tooth person but that does not mean I must have sugar in everything. I have learnt to drink black coffee without sugar and similarly no sugar in soya bean drink because without it the coffee or soya taste is enhanced. However, if you may try, let me introduce you carrot cake "chai tow kway" dipped with fine sugar and it's the ultimate bite with a crunchy feeling. So why the sugary talk? Below is the word "manis" sweet as in sugar and here's one sweet dessert that I enjoyed.

My food trail came to a standoff with the famous Penang nonya kueh apom or apong meaning pancake. I found that I could buy APOM MANIS off the street. This was sold at a street food stall peddling along New Lane or Lorong Baru and this nonya or peranakan delicacy dessert of light yellow and green mini foldovers pancakes just seemed so appetising.

This is not APOM BERKUAH (apom with gravy) or better known as apom bok wa (just wonder if this pronunciation has been watered down). On the other hand, it neither the APOM BALIK, better know as "mang chian kueh" but a true blue nonya apom manis.
At RM2 (approx SGD 90cents) for five pieces, this is a real steal. It's yummy, it's delicious and satisfying. The crust is unevenly brownish toned (due to the sugared content) and the fillings consists of either sweet corns or sliced bananas. I had it fresh out from the pan and the latter actually taste much better and it's not too sweet for a delicacy which we dont find it common in Singapore except perhaps at Peranakan Restaurants or Four Seasons Durian pancake which has a perinnial long queue here.

So I did not try Apom from Apom Guan which was much raved about but this is as good as I can get, but it's true !



Big Boys Oven said...

Penang Apom still the best, and also got loads of varieties!

JENCOOKS said...

BBOven, I cud think of first on the list, durian apom, then kaya apom, ooh so many perhaps no one venture on hae ko apom !!!

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