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CZECHAR @ Ang Mo Kio - KAM JIA ZHUANG Seafood Steamboat

24 July 2009
Blk 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Singapore 560202
HP 9006 7727
Callie Tan HP 91516798

It was nephew's birthday and we went back to this neighbourhood czechar which we have tried once last year and it is one of the better ones around Ang Mo Kio. Besides serving a mean celebratory meal with interesting dishes, their portions are reasonably big. You can equate to having a meal at a restaurant at a fraction of the price except that you may have to savour in a HDB styled environment as it was situated at a coffee shop below a block of HDB flat, but it is more relaxed with a "let your hair down" atmosphere and yet you can relish with gusto the good food before you.

The servers are two ladies who are very courteous and easy going, fast and efficient and they both looked like sister and the lady boss is not around tonight.

The bright red display board attracts you to their special dishes amongst many others and I already caught eye of their Dong Po Pork Belly dish as the meat is very tender and a "melt in the mouth" experience.

Vermicilli Crab in Claypot
Deep Fried Garoupa Chrysenthemum Style
Pumpkin Prawn Balls
Dong Po Pork Belly
Black Currant Pork Rib
Homemade Beancurd with Conpoy and Golden Mushroom
Fresh Scallops with Macadamia Nuts
Baby Superior Fin Soup with Crab Meat

Dish 1 ~ Dong Po Pork Belly
The traditional red eggs are prepared by my mum and she still took the effort to carry on this practice although it is no longer a tradition to eat this except during a first month birthday of a baby.
The first dish my sister-in-law ordered is the fried mee-suah with small prawns and this is very tasty, moist instead of the drier version most czechar and this goes well with the sambal belachan (though this is a thinned, watered down type of chilli paste). Not too sure if this is fried mee-suah but perhaps it is sin chew bee hoon instead but whatever, I finished my bowl clean.

Dish 2 ~ Sin Chew Bee Hoon

Lucky nephew has Shark Fin Soup for his birthday treat, and this czechar stall is generous with the sharkfins added. The soup is well thickened with stock and not too watery and overall, it's a thumbs-up.

Dish 3 ~ Shark Fin Soup with Crabmeat

The Four Heavenly King vegetable with minced dried prawns is crunchy and fried just nice without being overcooked. Nice name for a healthy green, a must try dish to get your daily dose of fibres as you crunch your way through.

Dish 4 ~ The Four Heavenly King Greens

The Red Garoupa is fresh and steamed Teochew style which is the best way to enjoy the fish.

Dish 5 ~ Steamed Red Garoupa

The Coffee Pork Ribs is robust with coffee aroma although I would prefer it more meaty so that it will give a more a powerful punch having to chew the tender meat packed wityh caffeine.

Dish 6 ~ Coffee Pork Ribs

I requested for this dish of Prawns with salted egg, very unique and creative and the salted egg lends the special touch to the taste though this round, it was too dry for my liking.

Dish 7 ~ Prawn with Salted Egg

I love this dish of Pumpkin Prawns as the sauce is smooth, thick and the prawns succulent. This is the second cze char stall that creates a dish of this sort with pumpkin mashed sauce, the best of course was from Siang Hee Cze Char. This attempt by the chef is quite close though the prawns are a size smaller but the shells have been removed which proves much easier to bite.

Dish 8 ~ Deep Fried Prawn Ball with Pumpkin and Butter

This is the most generous pot of goodness; it came steaming hot in a claypot and the fish maw and sea cucumber are nicely braised to the right texture and more than enough to dig in. You will enjoy this dish.

Dish 9 ~ Claypot Sea cucumber and Fish Maws

Finally, the birthday boy happy to have his cake from Polar, a mango sponge cake.

The birthday dinner was a generous spread of delectable good food and priced very reasonable as we enjoyed the 9 solid dishes at only $216 in all.


CUMI & CIKI said...

this is a great plc to eat la.. food is good and the price, reasonable!

Justin D. Pereira said...

I want to go eat! That pumpkin prawns look fabulous =)


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