Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wah Wah Wah Place

11 July 2009

Another makan session by ieaters at a foodie's place is certainly an escape out of Singapore and although it is in Sentosa, Ocean Drive earns a vocab "Wah" for such luxurious bungalows fronting the waters, with open gardens and car porch parked with sports car, all neatly sited along this nice long driveway.

The host lent us his motorised bicycle and a ride in the evening round the estate with breezy sea wind sweeping your hair in disarray is just too cool cos, you are riding through one of the most expensive estate in and around Singapore where yatches are berthed next to bungalows that nestled around the waterways, where residents just gathered outside with their caucasian frens filling the air with laughters as I spotted a group enjoying themselves al fresco style sipping wine whilst I ride through their condo next to the lake and a place where sports cars zoomed past making me nervous enough to ride on the pathway rather than the road this is not your average Singapore estate but an address that spells the word Exclusive !!!

I had my maid prepared a last minute glutinous rice and this goes very well with another foodie who has brought homemade XO dried scallop with haebee (dried prawns). It taste superb and it's unusually found off the shelf from the supermarket but she has made this herself and it paired so well with the glutinous rice and by the time Dr Leslie wanted to include this on his no need knead dough pizza which he conscientously prepared for us, the container is empty leaving no trace of leftover cos it all licked clean !!. Food of the day was BBQ ordered from BBQ Wholesale Centre but you get a lot food out of aluminium foils and it includes small alu cups of cheesy mushrooms, alu packed cheesy mussels, etc but my feel is that for convenience sake of a one stop bbq order centre, food is fine but the grub is not worth the money.

The company is fantastic and so is the host and the highlight, you get fireworks display from the NDP rehearsal this evening, right from the horizon fronting the house. Couldnt have been more perfect gathering saved the thunderstorm and shower midway.

OCEAN Drive, truly a class of its own..


Selba said...

Haven't been to Sentosa for a long time.... must be so nice...

CUMI & CIKI said...

plc looks like a dream;)

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