Sunday, January 4, 2009


XanGo Mangosteen Juice

I discovered something new, in fact a new health drink and may not be new to others but for me it's next to pomengranate juice which was getting popular here since some time.

So it was a colleague who got me interested to try a bottle of Mangosteen Juice telling me all the good health benefits of drinking this and I say why not. It's expensive but let's see what wonder the mangosteen concentrate mixed with other juice and packed with tons of phytonutrients can offer to promote good health.

What is mangosteen
Typically to the Malaysians and Singaporeans who enjoyed the King of Fruits, Durian, we will associate with mangosteen as whenever durians are in season, so are mangosteens.

This is a tropical fruit with dark purple skin but the fruits are white. I personally find it cumbersome to eat cause it's not fleshy.

I already started drinking a quarter cup every morning, and past two days I had a terrible itch over my skin. This must the effect some detoxification or so I think.

Well, it's a drink and I was told it not just the mangosteen puree from the fruit but it includes the rind too that is packed with xanthones. The juice is not just pure mangosteen but a concoction of other fruit juices as well namely apple, pear, grape, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and cherry but I wonder why? perhaps mangosteen puree and rind hardly yield much juice.

So what's the plus point for this mangosteen juice? Apparently, the strongest phyto-nutrients found in mangosteen is xanthone with powerful anti-oxidant properties and as I read on, I learned that it has a potent property to help maintain intestinal health, improve the body's natural defense, protect against free radicals and keep joints healthy. And mangosteen seems to offer at least 40 of the 200 xanthones that exists.

Wow, so I am consuming a drink that has power and so do many other products so claimed. But I have just started the trial and will finish the bottle in a week's time (what a week's time and it cost so much?) but Rome was not built in a day too, so I must be forebearing and be patient.

Well, meantime, the drink is tasty and not too sweet, at least it's the first cuppa before my morning coffee.

So let's start the day with nutritional supplements and a toast to good health !!!! Cheers .



CK Lam said...

Seeing lots of new drink lately... but have not come across this mangosteen drink yet. Sounds interesting.

J2Kfm said...

yeah .... this has been around for some time.
roughly RM100-150 per bot is it?

Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex said...

no offense but isn't this some sort of MLM thingy?


JENCOOKS said...

CK, it's more for the phytonutrients than as a drink, just too expensive.

J2KFM - really some time already? Yah around that price.

VKeong - I dun care if MLM but the product must be good and I believe my colleague just marked up a bit from his base price. However, my thots are I am going to scrape rind and press mangosteen flesh into juice and voila I have this drink.

backStreetGluttons said...

come to KL we will bring you to eat and drink best mangosteen juice , fresh , tasty and nicer. Only costs few ringgits one cup ! then can become happy immediately

JENCOOKS said...

Tell me where, tell me where. This will certainly be interesting.

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