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9th January 2009

Restoran Ang Kee
No. 50 Jalan SS2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia
Tel: 0112 2747148
Contact: Shawn Ang

Ang Kee is a neighbourhood restaurant in PJ SS2 or better known as Chow Yang area

Ang Kee's dining experience, casual but make sure you make reservations or be prepared to wait

Man behind Ang Kee, Shawn Ang Kee Chiews better known
as "Ah Seng"; See the resemblance of his name with the restaurant !

This neighbourhood restaurant, ANG KEE Restaurant in Petaling Jaya, SS2 Chow Yang area, I was told is usually quite packed and so I requested the hotel's concierge to book for me but when he rang the restaurant we were informed that today it's just fine to walk in but still when we arrived the place was packed but thankfully we manage a table. SS2/10 is off the main hub of shophouses and for first timers, the roads there do not run in sequence so you have to check the map beforehand. If you are familiar with the popular mamak restaurant, Kayu Nasi Kandar which opened way back in 1974 and now has openings in Perth and Melbourne, Ang Kee is a few doors away from this corner coffeeshop.

This restaurant does not have a menu leaflet to make your order so you have a few choices that is to get "Ah Seng" to recommend you his signature dishes or looked over the shoulders of other diners to check out what others are having and order similar dishes that makes that dish the popular one or Ang Kee do have a list written in Chinese and English on a big white board that is hung on the wall or should I say, it adorned the wall.

What we did was a combination of the above three that is to call "Ah Seng" or Shawn who recommended us the house Signature Tofu, the Butter Mantis Prawn, the special "Nonya" Chicken on banana leaf and we started to point to other tables which also ordered Lup Mei Fun, a Hong Kong popularised dish of rice and lup cheong or chinese sausage and liver chinese sausage cooked in a claypot but was told this was sold out.

Shortly after, he came back and offered us telling us this is the last claypot he has for the day. We were lucky but it did not arrive in a claypot but on a plate as a mountain of rice well moulded. This was a nice dish but having is non comparable to those in Hong Kong as it is less fragrant.

Butter Mantis Prawn already de-shelled but the rich, smooth and buttery dry gravy with the curry leaves aroma gave the oomph to this dish. The Mantis Prawn is tender and has a crunchy bite as it is coated with flour and deep fried before smoothened with the thick gravy. It's my favourite dish and I will definitely come back for more of this but you just get the "jelak" feeling once you have too much.

As Chinese New Year is around the corner, you get a lot of lup cheong and liver lup cheong on sale and I simply loves that livery taste of the latter and I couldnt resist ordering this dish, LUP MEI FUN. For those with a table for 10, this dish is served in a mountain of a big bowl mould and it looked temptingly unique. I like creativity when it comes to food and this simple presentation makes the different from others that comes in claypot.

I must say this Fried Tofu Dish is almost a signature dish to most restaurants by now and that it may not be a signature anymore and the real test is how smooth and silky the tofu is as compared to others.

This is recommended by "Ah Seng" as Special "Nonya" Chicken on Banana Leaf. It's deep fried chicken but I would prefer it more meaty than having to take a bite and yet hitting onto a chicken bone. The piquant Thai style sweetish chilli topping the dish makes the difference and it's quite appetising.

This is the famous KL Hokkien Mee but I didnt give the thumbs up for this here as it was lacking in the taste I was looking for. The belachan (shrimp paste) chilli didnt quite make up for it either.

This Deep Fried Chicken is flavourful, tender with crispy skin

We struggled to finish what we have ordered although they have many other interesting dishes like.....

Hometown Steamed Tofu with Fried Eggs (the eggs are still runny which makes it yummy)
Guiness Stout Pork Rib
Lala (clam) Bee Hoon or Vermicilli
Assam Fish Fillet
Golden Nestum Prawn

I enjoyed such dining experience in homely neighbourhood restaurant with friendly owner, reasonable price and yummilicious and creative dishes to enjoy and yet with simple casual atmosphere where many tables are filled with big families gatherings.



J2Kfm said...

read this from Jason blog earlier. a homely place, but not too positive comments from you, ya?

but the lap mei fun would've got me salivating ...

The Malaysian Explorer said...

emmm yum yum and near where I live too. Have not gone there yet, but looks like I'll have to give it a go. The Hokkien Mee looks so good, alas you mentioned it's not too tasty. Well maybe I'll try it out and confirm it later.

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CUMI & CIKI said...

so, was the glutinous rice good? you didn't say.. also, too bad about the hokkien mee.. it's such an easy dish to screw up but when you get the killer one.. OH ! it's worth it... no?

Selba said...

The food looks yummy.

Ah... lup cheong, I always put it aside.. don't know why I feel kinda scary to eat it but then I like to eat those sweet dried pork.. yeah.. silly me... hehehe.

Shell (貝殼) said...

A bit busy recently, that's why can't really reply on time and unable to visit you'll ... sorry~

Everything's will back to normal after CNY

Wish you have a happy & properous CNY^^

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