Sunday, January 4, 2009


4 January 2009

14 Scotts Road
#05-64/98 Far East Plaza
Tel: 6732 5089

We were at Orchard Road today not because we intend to be there but we had dropped off at the junction of Boulevard and Scotts Road after a visit somewhere. Since we were here, we decided to go to Far East Plaza where there are many popular small eateries at Level 5.

On a Sunday, the young crowd fills Far East Plaza as the basement offers many trendy shoplets to attract them and similarly the various small eateries at Level 5 cater to the hungry pangs of the shoppers who milled around the shopping centre, filling their tummy with quick express servings of good food for small eats, small talks and a rest at least to the tired feet.

We heard of this new place Hong Hu Express for good "shui jiao" or Chinese Boiled Meat Dumpling. Of course, we had this and besides, we also ordered Ja Jiang La Mien with shredded cucumber and Deep Fried Beancurd Meatrolls too.

This fast food express joint is where you are served as quickly as you tucked in and has a casual ambience but with attractive bright red and black signboard and a cheerful counter staffs, an afternoon here for a dig is satisfying but not overwhelming.

enjoyed the dumpling which has a smooth texture and the filling is moist. The minced meat la mien was pretty decent, small portion but sufficient and tasty as well but I think the deep fried beancurd meatroll could have been better in taste but this goes well with the dry chilli which you need to help yourself from the counter.

Overall, it's good value for money at S$3.00 each (ranging from S$3-S$5) for that express desire for a quick fix.

Shui Jiao or Boiled Meat Dumpling with Shredded Ginger and dipped in vinegar

Minced Meat La Mien with Shredded Cucumber @ S$3.00 a bowl

Deep Fried Beancurd Meatroll @S$3.00 a plate



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Life for Beginners said...

I normally prefer the slow food movement, to take one's time to savour food, but there are times when one just needs a quick fix as you put it. Here's to Express Meals! ;)

Happy New Year, dear. Four days in, how are things? :D

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