Wednesday, December 31, 2008


27th December 2008

Venue : The Icon Tanjung Pagar

The Tuesday Before:
Dinner with Taukwa n Champagne to discuss menu at Cafe de Hkg

The Event:
Dr Les's & his ieaters bunch of foodies get-together year end bbq
at one of the foodie's bachelor pad

Turnout :
About 30 foodies
* Food a plenty & Good Wine & Wonderful Company

* Luxurious condo with Bali outdoor theme

* Tour de Icon by owner

Fantastic View from the top of the ICON at Tanjung Pagar
Pool at the top -- Either u can dip here or there or there or over there

Pool with a view -- What a great view of financial district of Singapore

Jacuzzi at 31st floor

Children frolicking in the pool at nite

This is the way to BBQ

No, I show you how I do it

Cactusprincess and Cactuspixie wowed by the Winnie the Pooh sandwich

The cosy corner of the BBQ Pit

Great View for a great work out !

Guys with Steady hands whilst my camera lens must have been greasy

Men In Black at work !

Portobella Mushrooms with melted cheese is just so good

The beef was fantastic, so tender, soft and yummilicious

Well Done by that robust flame

Garlicki Buttered Prawns

The garlic prawns are prepared by many tender loving hands

Fresh Big Prawns purchased at 5.30am or they are gone by 7.00am

Jencooks' Tom Yam Bee Hoon

Liverpool's Mum Homemade Fruitcake

Raspberry Strudel by Champagne

Jencooks' Rock Melon so sweet and juicy with Parma Ham
Jencooks' Prawn Fritters enjoyed by Holybro
These Otak-otak (curried fish paste) is very smooth and taste good

Very Sweet miniature Mandarin Oranges with Chinese New Year coming soon

Such cute characters on bread is really Attractive - by Champagne

Jencooks' Tea smoked Fish

Jencooks' Party Ideas - Cherrry tomatoes with Japanese cucumbers so fresh

Jencooks' Steamed Cod Fish well loved by Ijeff and all

Jencooks' Curry, a favourite of Cactus and all

Look at that greasy lens again ! Prawns all over mee called Prawn Mee !

Plate of Cherries so sweet and lusciously nice

It was truly a nice Gathering of the Year 2008 !


Jackson said...

wow... what a great experience u have

Life for Beginners said...

Good golly, I sure need to take a page (or two or three) out of ur recipe book for my future parties. The food looks so good and inventive. Sure habis di-wallop by every guest in just a few minutes, hehe.

Happy New Year!

JENCOOKS said...

Experience at dizzying height !

Not many for you to tear from my cookbook but having read your ability to cook and serve a crowd in Germany, wow !

Anonymous said...


Happy new year dear, looks like you had so much fun there!
And as always, my tummy growls everytime I open your blog... :P

Keep it up!

JENCOOKS said...


Happy New Year to You too! and that was a nice surprise. Thanks.
So you loved good food too.

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