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19December 2008

Siang Hee RestaurantHoe Huat CoffeeshopBlk 89 Zion Road #01-137Singapore 16008911am to 10.30pmClosed once every 3 weeks on Tuesdays
Tel : 97364067 Ah Yoke (Mdm Oh Foong Toh)

Lunch with Dr Les and fellow Ieaters' Year End Makan Session
We headed to this cze char restaurant after hearing so much rave reviews of it's mouth-watering signature dishes. When we drove there one day, the coffee shop Hoe Huat was quite empty at about 5.30pm. It's situated below a block of HDB flats and given the deserted place, we were not ready to step out but fortuitously, we decide there is no turning back and thus we had a pre-makan session there which turned out to be a start of having more sessions here. The cze char was good.

Having seated and whilst waiting for the food, the place soon starts to be quickly packed and we even met foodie Wahcow and friends there too for the dig on that popular 'ter kah".

Following this, Ieaters' makan session organised by Damien and Champagne was not to be missed then and there was a well planned menu to go by. Topping the list is the Deep Fried Pork Knuckle akin to the German schweinhaxe which is just as tasty and tender. The meat of the pig trotter is soft and yet so crispy on the outside and this goes very well with the chilli serving.

The chef, the friendly Ah Yoke whose creativity also allows us to enjoy new dishes such as the Golden Pumpkin Deep Fried Prawn which was excellent. You'll get big prawns, so crispy that you can bite through the shells and the pumpkin smooth paste was such unique combination with the prawns that goes very well as a dish. Fantastic, good value for money and a wonderful dish.

The soft and smooth homemade deepfried eggie bean curd with thin spinach spread was also very nice but I was told that spinach should never be eaten with bean curd as the chemical reaction is toxic for the body. Hmm !! folkslore or true but it was confirmed by more than one person so you'll get to learn some things you never know from fellow foodies as well.

Well everyone enjoyed the evening of good cze char meal which was just better than fine dining as you can get to just lick off the last bits of "ter kah bak" from that big bone without much embarassment or hesitation.

Good Recommendation for Cze Char

Menu prepared by Damien @SGD18.00 per head for 10dishes, this is really good for the pocket

GOLDEN Pumpkin DeepFried Prawn is another well liked dish

From Siang Hee's Kitchen, Ah Yoke at "wok" dishing the golden pumpkin paste

Deep Fried Garoupa with sweet Sweet Assam Thai chilli

Smooth and Soft Homemade Beancurd with mashed spinach topping
Very Shiok DeepFried Pork Knuckle so crispy and tasty

Coffee Pork Ribs but would have preferred the Marmite pork ribs instead

Prawn Roll "Hei Zhou" was ok only

French Beans with Crispy Shrimp Floss

Hor Fun

What else can you try at this cze char restaurant:
Marmite Pork Ribs
Mongolia Pork
Claypot Song Fishhead
Prawn Paste Chicken (harcheongkai)
Sambal Kangkong
and many others......


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