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23rd October 2008

Unit 220 East Coast Road (Near Holy Family Church)
Singapore 428917

Telephone: (65) 63443114
Opened from 11.30am - 12.00

Oliv Sausage House
10 Sinaran Drive
Novena Square 2 #B1-124

Singapore 307506
There's plenty of eateries in East Coast Road, and as the name suggests, it's in the eastern part of Singapore, and you will be spoilt for choices even with the variety of international cuisine available. So when we have to bring a German fren who only takes western chows for dinner, Cafe Oliv comes to mind after much recommendation from the foodies circle.
Cafe Oliv is run by Kevin Heng, owner and executive chef, a young chap with former experience in beer garden. He is also artistically inclinded not only with his food presentation but in his choice of cafe's interior designs as well, as you will notice when you enter, the visually captivating nice murals adorn the walls of this bright and cheery cafe.
Surprisingly this this the first time our German fren has commented that she enjoyed the meal despite it's a non-western chef.

That long empty table was to be filled by Toothfairy and family when we were leaving

The place was near packed when we arrived and we were impressed that immediately upon taking our seats, glasses of plain water were served as such prompt service and attention are welcoming to any diner. Chef Kevin had personally recommended some dishes so our German fren and myself had Chargrilled Tenderloin steaks from NZ ($26.90 for set). We also ordered the Beer Battered Fish ($16.90 for dinner set).
Mushroom Soup with bits of mushroom and sprinkles of herbsCafé Oliv Beer Battered Fish ($11.90) Beer marinated dory fish fried to golden served with mesclun greens, crunchy wedges and garlic tartarCafé Oliv Beer Battered Fish ($11.90) Beer marinated dory fish fried to golden served with mesclun greens, crunchy wedges and garlic tartar
Half Shell Scallop Pasta
Mud Pie Ice-cream with thick choco powdered toppings makes it such an enjoyable dessertBrownie with Ice-creamCreme Brulee was more custardy than smooth

This place is good value for money, take for eg the portion of beer battered fish was huge and the Oliv 4 Course Set Dinner comes with soup (we had mushroom soup with sprinkled herbs and two toasted bread), entree, drink and the dessert of Mud Pie Ice-cream of heavenly layers of ice cream that makes the grand finale for a tantalising meal.

Salty Egg Soft Shell Crabs Biscuit Fritter ($4.90) is a must try

Chargrilled Tenderloin Steak from NZ, marinated with fresh olive oil served with greens and starch comes with thyme sauce.

Pan-fried Pesto Cream Dory with Garlic Mushroom Olive Butter topped with intresting julienned carrots

These are the accompanying desserts that one can choose from the set meal but the Mud Pie icecream is definitely the favourite choice and this by itself is so satisfying.

We have made a good choice to pick Oliv Cafe for dinner as savoured by a foreigner who acknowledged that it was a good place and food....

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