Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

17 October 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

27 New Bridge Road
Singapore 59391

Tel: 6532-6468
11.30am to 10.00pm Daily

When a fren suggested Fisherman's Wharf which is opposite new Central Mall and Clark Quay MRT, I thought well that's a nice choice for Fish & Chips and I had vaguely remembered from before having passed by this place along New Bridge Road that it has a prominently displayed signboard but the restaurant is now kinda obscured with the contruction of new overhead bridge.

The restaurant is not far from Singapore River (see below pic) and perhaps appropriately warrant Fisherman's Wharf to be established here at least though I kind of feel that a better choice would be if it has a sea, river or water fronting.

Singapore River with the brightly lit buildings of the financial district in the backdrop

We had arranged to meet at Club Marc at Central Mall and this place was having sales of the year which led me to subsequently returned the following week to grab a few pieces of the quality fashion from New York, at very good bargains.

It was also a chance meeting with this elegant, sophisticated, impressive and beautiful lady and I was thrilled knowing that I could simply recognise her already at Club Marc earlier.
Walking into Fisherman's Wharf, you can feel the laid back atmosphere here with wooden table and chairs, no airconditioning, and it's self service to place your order direct from the counter.

Menu was all about Fish and chips and choice was obvious fish and chips and only difference the variety of fish to choose from. Amongst three of us, we had ordered respectively a North Atlantic Cod ($16), Snow Fish and Garoupa Fish and Chips and the fish comes lightly battered and served in a basket that comes with a lemon slice and tartare sauce.

Well, we did a bit of sharing and sincerely I could not differentiate the variety we had as all tasted similar. I had ordered a side dish of sauerkraut but this turned out very disappointingly unappetising. Despite noting from the back of the menu, US flagship Fisherman's Wharf has a 2-star Michelin award, I dont think it deserved any such rating at all for the fish and chips that we had that evening.

Well at least the evening was truly enjoyable with the nice chitchats that we had........

And when we parted, my two frens just head opposite back to Central's Club Marc .


HAPPY SHOPPING after nine ...


J2Kfm said...

2 star Michelin award and yet mediocre fish n chips?

aw, that must have been a disappointing outing.

MAMMA MIA! on your Ipod ... :)

JENCOOKS said...

j2kfm, eh tht was fast mail from Ipoh..keke. never tried taste from michelin star-studded restaurant tho to know watz it's like.

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