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30th October 2008

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
IMM Level 3
IMM Building Jurong East St 21
Lunch 11am - 3pm
Dinner 5.45pm - 11pm
Tel: 6566 9933

On Thursday, it was a melting pot for us again when our dear ex-Convent schoolmate, SHui who is currently residing in UK is in town for 3weeks met up with us; Days back, we began to start making connections with the rest here in Singapore to arrange our second meet up this year, the first was also when MLee from Melbourne was in town. It's a lame excuse that we are always busy but amongst us we have three homemakers or we called them "tai tai" for that luxury of time, not bound by office hours or extended working hours unlike us trying to juggle and squeeze whatever left with plenty of other errands and tasks and least available free time for ourselves. Try mentioning and they will protest that homemakers are as busy too...

Well, it was great and wonderful to meet our dear fren again in her usual cheerful self at SHoon's home where they (MEng, SHoon, LGan and SHui) had been catching up throughout the day before we made out way all to the west after work in the evening, both LLing and myself, arriving there at about 7+pm.

For dinner, since I am not too familiar with the western part of Singapore, we decided to head to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at IMM which is nearby. We had considerations to dine at a HDB cze char which was supposed to be recommended for the seafood but having weighed any feeling of biasness cos we gave MLee a "royal Thai" treatment when we last met, Long Beach was definitely a better choice to at least "meet the queen" but not under the chair.

Long Beach has been around since 1946 at Bedok Rest House along old Bedok Road, more than 60years ago way before we are born. Now it boasts of 5 outlets:

1 Long Beach Main 1018 East Coast Parkway (next to ECP Burger King) Tel: 64458833
2 Long Beach @ DEMPSEY 26 Dempsey Road Tel: 63232222
3 Long Beach IMM Level 3 IMM Building Jurong East St 21 Tel: 65669933
4 Long Beach UDMC #01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre Tel: 64483636
5 Long Beach KING Seafood Next to Kallang Park McDonald's Tel: 63447722

Long Beach has received much accolates and conferred many prestigious culinary awards from both local and overseas, so it's has been a fave restaurant for live and Fresh Seafood besides other dishes such that they are crowded with repeat customers at all their outlets. Long Beach IMM is newly renovated about a year or two ago and we plonked ourselves on a rounded cushioned seat which was pretty narrow for us to move our deserrie in but well we managed.

Calling for the menu, we made sure SHui has to try Singapore's famous Chilli Crab but she admitted that eating crabs needing your fingerworks may be cumbersome (of course the waitress had to wear a bib for her not to stain her attire) and finally she succumbed to it when we ordered Chilli Crabs, two huge crabs, possibly Sri Lankan though I have not noticed any big claws for this matter. The chilli sauce smoothed over the crab was slightly different from usual in that it has more thickness with some bites of the ingredients rather than pure smooth runny chilli gravy but this goes well with the mantou (steamed buns).

All in, we also had steamed Patin with assamed sauce which was quite appetising;
Cereal Prawns with curry leaves is flavourful and eaten with shells on;
Chilli Kangkong is not to miss;
Mongolian braised pork was replaced over Dongbo meat which was not available but the texture is still not soft enough but still with some chewy bites.
Fruits served in a medium size platter
LGan decides a Longan Dessert with whiff of dry ice effect altho we were not in wonderland with Aladdin.

Pics Treats of the nite out:

Looks like a mountain out of a molehill of two big crabs in thick Chilli gravy

That's steamed mantous which can lapped up all the gravy of the Chilli Crab

Patin Fish is very smooth and taste great with the assam chilli that whets your appetite

Cereal Prawns with curry leaves has a good crunch when you eat with shells

You cant go wrong with this chilli kangkong dish

Mongolian braised pork

Big Appetite of Seafood and vegetables

Fruit Platter of Dragonfruit, Watermelon, Honeydew, Papaya, Orange and Rockmelon

LGan, Abracadabra ! Your wish
granted......with this longan dessert

We had our banters and chuckles over the nice meal at this cosy round table forgetting that it's getting late for those who has to travel back to the north, north east and east of Singapore respectively for we happened to choose the different corners of Singapore to be at arm length from each other? Gosh, we just had that melting pot tonight, all in one, no worries.

That was a great dinner in the company of ex-Convent gals still musing over who's coming back for next gathering.

Delectable Good Food & Wonderful Company


CUMI & CIKI said...

great write up! and.. oh.. i wish i was a TAI TAI .. haha... btw, sri lankan crabs are my fav - i always overeat and end up crawling home!

backstreetgluttons said...

we wouldn't mind at all to dine with these delectable long tai tais in this long place !

and we thoz it was in Songkla

Life for Beginners said...

"Homemakers" or "tai tais", ladies --- you sure know how to dine with style! :)

JENCOOKS said...

Sri Lanka crabs hates everyone cos it's everyone's favourite..

Never been to Songkla but the name Songkla sound like a long .....

Aberthen !! whilst u paint KL town ?

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