Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Batu Pahat ~ Old Town White Coffee

New Batu Pahat ~ Old Town White Coffee
663A G65, Batu Pahat Mall, Lot 2566Jalan Kluang, 8300 Batu PahatJohor Darul TakzimTel: 07-4386876
Ipoh's Old Town Coffee stirred the Singapore food scene when it opens it first franchised outlet at BigSplash and owned by non other than our popular actor, Mark Lee. Singapore became more familiar with this brand of coffee and good Malaysian food served.
Surprisingly, we came across two outlets in Batu Pahat too, one of which is located at the huge Batu Pahat Mall along Jalan Kluang. It is definitely much cheaper than what we paid for in Spore given the exchange rate.
You could get Ipoh Horfun for RM5.80, Ipoh Lum Mee RM5.80, Prawn Mee, Curry Mee, Asam Laksa, Tom Yam Siam Mee Hoon with Crabstick, Nissin Noodle with Chick Ham & Egg, Dry Curry Mee, Javanese Mee, Specialty Rice like Nasi Rendang Chicken, Curry Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak Special besides the toast varieties of Kaya & Butter much to the list and yet all tasted so scrumptious. Of course, the Hazelnut White Coffee is so smooth and nice....



Dine outside in the evening watching cars whizz past Jalan Kluang as you sipped your coffee

Nasi Rendang Chicken at RM8.30 with yummilicous and fragrant chilli to go with

OLDTOWN Curry Mee ~ taste preserved

OLDTOWN Homemade Sticky Rice was re-served without question when the first serving came in very dry due to overly-microwaved settings that hardens the rice.

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