Saturday, August 23, 2008

Batu Pahat~Sunday Morning Open Air Market

Batu Pahat Sunday Morning Open Air Market
This Food Court with Open Air Market is new to me at Batu Pahat Garden and seemingly, it is an interesting place to visit on a Sunday morning when many residents do their marketing and have their breakfast leisurely at this place. The numerous open air stalls offers all the varieties of kueh-kueh and mueh mueh and the wet markets stocks of vegetables and meats, a feast for the eyes....... including the fighting fish on sale...

Batu Pahat Garden Open Air Market on a Sunday morning but eh where's the sun that blinds the eyes !!@

Colourful fighting fish found its way here too !

Colourful pink buns, never tried before

Chinese Cruellers (You Char Kway) being deep fried in a big kuali

9-layer rainbow kueh ~ yest I can count the layers

Slabs of raw pork exposed in open air as a lady looks for her cut of the meat

Fresh Vegetables Produce sold here

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