Sunday, August 24, 2008


Finally we move from oldtown Batu Pahat to the rejunevated Batu Pahat with the springing of new malls and hypermarkets on the outskirts of Batu Pahat catering to the blooming and growing affluence here. This has also brought in new and more cosmopolitan flavours to Batu Pahat to add to the fading home flavours that will one day be long gone.

New Megamall / Hypermarket

Carrefour at Taman Flora is FRENCH
OldTown White Coffee originated from IPOH
Sushi King's food is JAPANnese
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng's food is from HONG KONG

Rengit Coffee must be from Rengit, a small town in JOHOR

BKK Thai Food is obviously from THAILANDNew Kid on the block, Tea Station Cafe is local BATU PAHAT
Nice Bungalows That Inched up the Mountain
So Luxurious Living
Like a Palace
Adorned with look-alike Bonsai trimmed Plants to the palatial bungalow
Currently For sale anyone?

New Flavours

I like this kind of facade

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