Friday, August 22, 2008

Batu Pahat ~ Chew Song Dry Fishball Noodle

BATU PAHAT ~ Chew Song Dry Fishball NoodleRestauren Ee Hua (actually old coffee shop)opposite former Cheng Siu Chinese School.

Chew Song Dry Fishball Noodle stall at Ee Hua coffee shop is a nice meeting place cos I have met friends from KL whilst we had our meal there. During this trip, we also met this Singaporean businessman who has a nice bungalow in BP (we were talking in the car before we arrived) and bingo, he appeared with his SLK Mercedes for the must-have noodle with his kakis and even to drink beer with the stall owner, Ah Meng, who's uncle is Chew Song.

Chew Song has learnt the art of making his own egg noodle and the tastes and texture is obviously different from suppliers. You can still order just the egg noodle for home consumption from him directly if it is available for the day.

Chew Song's TaMee (dry noodle) is really dry unlike the Singapore "meekia" or "meepok" which is more wet. The chilli seems to be like the Thai dark brown coloured chilli and you need the right mix with the noodle to bring out the flavour. Reason I ask for extra chilli paste and he wouldnt provide for this same reason. Besides the fishball, you get fishcake with defined "edge exclusion of 0.25cm" tinged orange.

All in we ordered 35 packets of noodle back home to Singapore and it is still as good, no doubt about it.

Ah Meng and Helper was rushed to finished the 35packets the next day before 12.00pm; Timeline set to him by Jencooks though his stall opens at 12.00pm. When we arrived at 12.20pm, all the 35packets were ready laid on the table..... You have passed the test

Chew Song DRY FISHBALL NOODLE ever so good

See how dry the Noodle is !!
Fishball swimming in clear soup


Life for Beginners said...

Sweet fishballs in sweeter soup! Nothing beats the simple food in life, right?

Nice blog you have here. Keep it up! :)

J2Kfm said...

haha, funny he wouldnt provide extra chilli paste. to preserve the right mix? OR cut cost? =)

anyway, the noodles do look a tad too dry. but there's soup to save the day?

JENCOOKS said...

Kenny, nice of you to drop by and thanks for the comments. You are an accomplised writer with so many ideas just wonder u draw your inspirations from....foodblogs help? it's an inspiration for us to write then...hahah.

J2kfm, thot that some may not like it dry cos I have seen diners in Spore who just add more soup into the noodle if they find the already wet noodles here dry...

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