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Sunday, 10th August 2008

Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang ~ Rare Find Here
Jalan Jenang, right turn from the main road, Jalan Rahmat, Batu Pahat:

Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang ~ DEEP FRIED POPIAH
Your condiments of sauce, chilli and powdery peanuts.
Big Kuali onsite to deep fry the freshly rolls of popiah
Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang
Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang ~ Ah See Wanton Mee
Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang ~ Array of Tidbits & Fruits Shop
Wow, Kelinik Australia still around in BP...I only recall which docs have moved to Australia instead..

This backlane alley off Jalan Jenang drew many to look for this freshly rolled Deep Fried POPIAH which is drizzled or drenched with nice homemade chillies and sweet sauce and sprinkled with lots of grounded peanuts over it. It is then wrapped in plastic and newspaper for your take-away. I have not come across another stall that does the same and they are uniquely food from the lanes of yesteryears.

Such refreshing atmosphere on a Sunday morning just along a backlane alley

At RM0.80 a piece, it's a steal

Fillings of cabbages and turnips on the big enamel bowl of yesteryear's utensils

Freshly deep fried popiah that is so crispy yet covered with sauces and chilli for the extra taste

Looked so YUMMY ~ Drained of oil and ready to serve; eat it whilst it is hot.

Next-door stall selling thick soya bean drinks to down with your deep fried popiah is a good wise choice to setup a brisk business.

Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang ~ YESTERYEAR'S CLOGS
Surprisingly, along the walkway of the row of shophouse along Jalan Jenang, you'll come across a display of bright RED Chinese Clogs hung up for sale. Clig Clog Clig the market..

This is the popular Ah See Wanton Mee used to draw crowds and packed to the bream. I have not tried for a long long time.

This stretch of old shophouses commonly sells such array of tidbits and fruits but most are now converted and sold to other businesses as time have changed and business dwindled and most residents are going to the big shopping malls of Batu Pahat.

Batu Pahat Jalan Jenang ~ KeliniK Australia

This rounds up this place......

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J2Kfm said...

wow ... the atmosphere certainly resembles yesteryear, preserved by the residents, away from development.

I love fried popiah as much as you do, be it Chinese version, or Malay version.

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