Friday, August 22, 2008

Batu Pahat ~ My Grandfather's Signboard

Batu Pahat ~ My Grandfather's Signboard

My late grandfather was a wholesaler in rice, milk powder etc (sorry just cannot remember the details) but all I could remember was the name of the shop and the 7 linked shophouses we had until bad times turn good and good times turn bad; isnt this the real businessworld.

As we cruised along BP, we came across my grandfather's signboard
KOH SENG HUAT which has now changed to BATU PAHAT SENG HUAT SDN BHD, dealing in the same rice and other wholesale business, after it had changed hands many many years ago. This is the last thread and link that I have in this town of the thriving business he once had.

Apart from that the 7 shophouses along Jalan Ibrahim, they are now in the hands of new owners and are respectively selling different things.

Alas, these are what remains of life in Batu Pahat long long time ago.......

The new signboard at a new we cruise past, yesteryears were just years ago...hmm !!

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