Saturday, July 19, 2008


Saturday, 19th July 2008

Johor Bahru Weekend Escapade
I was invited to Johor Bahru to spend the weekend with EPee and sister who owns a place of their own at Puteri Park in JB. Headed straight to JB after work on Friday nite to arrive only near midnite due to the customs jam. The tiredness from the travelling just dissipates away when we arrived to the fresh air and the quietness in the still of the nite at this new housing estate which is situated in a valley. It just calms your whole being. Durian feast at midnite awaits us as EPee prepares durian for us and and we went to sleep thereafter feeling satisfied and knowing that more gastronomic experience awaits us the next day.
Staying in JB makes me reminisce Batu Pahat where I once lived. We talked about utility bills and their water bill comes up to only RM4/mth and electricity RM17/mth and my skyrocket bill/mth is equivalent to covering 3 years utility bill in JB. The cost of living here in Singapore is really of a different magnitude.
Pics were not well taken as I have forgotten to bring my camera and have snapped this pics with my Iphone which was also running out of battery then and I had to stand at one corner to charge the phone.Woke up to the nice feeling that you are in Malaysia which translates to I can take my time to to the things that I want to do, so we woke up late and took a short stroll round the estate and EPee suggested that we go for breakfast at this popular coffee shop nearby. It was certainly crowded with late risers coming for their chows. Here the bread is not your usual kaya toast and boast of variety like sambal spread with eggs and peanut butter (what a combination, taste weird) etc. Liked the soft texture chee cheong fun we had but the nasi lemak chili was not the usual sweet tasting fragrance and taste as good with sambal flavour. Highlight to me the Nestum-c which you cannot find this served in any coffee shop and I was just too happy to order this.Restoran SunshineJalan Beladu 9, PuteriWangsa
Restoran Sunshine at Jalan Beladu 9, Puteri Wangsa certainly has the sun shining brightly as the crowd packs the coffee shop but you dont have to wait long for your seats.
Looking disgruntled while waiting for their food.

RM1.50 Nestum-C is a rare find; Should be name Nestum Dinasour instead. Your "la kopi" in traditional cup. I prefer kopi to brewed coffee, no sugar please!!

The bread looks measly like home made but the sambal gives the oomph.
Wanton Mee brightly coloured char siew attacts more than the noodle.
All Chee Cheong Fun should be this good; It's soft, smooth and disappears in the mouth.

Simple Nasi Lemak

Loved this Wine Ginger Chicken with Black Fungus served in a claypot at a nearby foodcourt

Durian Market at Midas Mart
Pandan, next to Carrefour

I missed ieat "Durian Degustation" session on 18th July, so die die must go for my own durian session. Durian galore again at this durian market where there are loads and baskets of durian of different variety; some still as expensive at RM30/kg but I narrowed to a type called "TECKHA" which is not the usual known code of D13, D24, Red Prawn, Mao San Wang etc. However, this is voted yummy good. The durian is dry yet when you sink your teeth, it is creamy, smooth and bitter and the seeds are small. So heavenly and it's not expensive at RM7/kg.

The durians have "exploded" leaving a crater.
They even hold durian party for durian lovers


IronEaters said...

sambal-spread-with-eggs-sandwich sounds interesting!I would love to try tt. n OMG, the durian!! they looks so good. i wish i could jt take them out from ur pics,esp the the opened durian tt u posted...

J2Kfm said...

oh so much hawker food in one go? yummy! I was in JB the previous few days, but didnt go out in search of good food as no transport! :(

JENCOOKS said...

Ironeaters, As long as my durian pics disapper, at least I know who took them..haha

J2kfm, Did remember u said u going JB and wondering what you went for? Your Betong sequel continues, very interesting..,

eastcoastlife said...

I like the Tekka durian for its bitterness and it has small seeds. Yummy. I prefer bitter durians. :)

Nice to meet you, jencooks.

JENCOOKS said...

Me tooo! THanks for dropping to check out the "teckha" durian at my blog. Meet u one day since u now arh with Uncle Smart.

bee said...

Hi Jen,
Came across ur blog while looking for more info on BP! Lately I always go BP to visit my sister who moved there last month :)although BP is not my hometown ( mine is KL, but married to Spore) but very relaxing ! Ur friend bought a weekend house at Putri Park isit?

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