Sunday, July 20, 2008


New Dessert Cafe in Marine Parade Central, opened in June offering famous Taiwanese SnowFlakes Ice Shave which comes with 6 varieties of toppings;
Mango Snowflake Ice is the all time popular choice dessert
It's D24 Durian Snowflake Ice for durian lovers

Sunday, 20thy July 2008

Blk 85 Marine Parade Centre
Famous Taiwanese Dessert Snowflake Ice has arrived at Marine Parade Central and this cafe is along a row of shophouses after the hawker centre towards NTUC or if you are going to East Coast Parkway through the underground tunnel, you will not have missed it. The signboard stands out a clear 32 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT that invites you to stop by for soothing cold snowflake ice during the hot weather.

Went for late golf practice at East Coast Driving Range and had to stop early in order to pack a packet of mango snowflake ice back home. Yes, you can packet home

By the way the mixture slabs are kept at -24degrees and is a Taiwanese revolutionary technique using the right mixture and shaving it with normal ice shavers. There are 6 varieties, strawberry, mango, D24 durian, red bean, rainbow spinklings, Hershey chocs and I forgot the last one.

Peter was attending to the cafe when we arrived and he's happiest today with the best takings he ever had since the cafe started in June 2008. We were right in time before he closed for the day at 10.00pm. This energetic and easy going chap is not going home but his cycling kakis have just arrived and the nite has just started for him.

Besides our mango snowflakes ice Peter has kindly offered us a whole dragonfruit to bring home too..How nice of him. We will sure be back.


Criz Lai said...

This is something interesting. I hope they will open up one over here in Penang. Of course I would rather have them increase their flavors as some people might not like the available flavors. Thanks for sharing this :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi, thks for dropping by. YOu have a great blog. :)

J2Kfm said...

such a cozy environment, laidback type for desserts galore. typical of Taiwan style outlets. both flavours will do just fine to keep me occupied time and again. hehe ..

JENCOOKS said...

Criz, thanks for the visit. We can exchange Penang chendol with this snowflake ice. Actually I still think Batu Pahat chendol is the best. Long time ago we hear that to keep the santan you add earthworms inside; squirmish.....

New Kid, Thanks. I am sure you are just as passionate to blog and review good and bad food..

j2kfm, your sequel never ends. Love your new header, its so nice; how did you do it, can you share? it's so eye catching. Good job.

CK Lam said...

How I wish I could get my hands on the Mango snowflake ice AND especially the durian snowflake ice.
Thanks for sharing this dessert...can't taste but still can see.

JENCOOKS said...

Hello there CK, just eat with your mouth closed and your brains at work...hehe.

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