Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Bright colours of Teck Whye Terrace row of restaurants, side road of Upper Serangoon Rd

Not your Lei Garden facade or dining experience but Ju Bao dishes by former head chef

Malaysian styled deep fried long beans with minced meat and dark soy bean (S$8.00); a tad salty
Crispy Chicken (half) at S$12.00 was tasty

This flavourful Dongpo Pork Spare Ribs Gravy is nice to the rice (S$12.00)
but the meat could be more tender

Freshly deepfried mantou is soft to go with the dongpo gravy (FOC included with meat)

Tuesday, 15th July 2008

Singapore 545725
Contact: 6280 2208
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30 to 10.30pm
Did I not mention restaurants opened by former Lei Garden chefs before;
One is Canton Chef Kang and the other Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine opened by the former head chef of Lei Garden, Chef Yip Chee Kin.

You will not miss the brightly litted neon lights of Teck Chye Terrace, a congregation of Cantonese Food but unfortunately Chun Kee Hong Kong Restaurant has just vacated the place.

Had dinner at Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine before going for BS and though I am running late, we had a go for it. Usually we have it here or Ah Seah Teochew Porridge.
This restaurant is currently undergoing renovation to one of the shoplots but the adjoining seating area is still open for dining. Noted the staff has expanded though the usual waitresses who served us were ready to chitchat during your meal.
From the Pocket: S$35.60 for two

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