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I was merely passing by UE Bizhub East and as I walked past a Cafe, I recalled having my eyes fixated at the sandwiches the customers were relishing.  The queue was there, the crowd was present and immediately I made a u-turn for it as if my nose was following based on what I see and retrospectively may I say that I have no regrets.  My instint was correct but the now newly opened shop was not even ready for business then.  I wanted that sandwich but it was not for sale yet then and you would crave even more for it. 

Nevertheless,  I was pleasantly surprised that I was offered the sandwich by non-other then the owner herself. I warmed up to the offer of the BRUTUS ROAST BEEF Sandwich (SGD10.90)  for takeaway. I had incidentally gatecrashed a session meant for friends and family before it opened shop last Thursday, thinking that I could get a sandwich that attracted me and I ended up being offered a free sandwich; how nice !

Yes, Mumtaz is the personable and friendly owner, a first-timer to venture into opening a cafe, having previously worked in the IT industry as Sales Director for more than 10years and finally decided to follow her dream of setting up a cafe from scratch to offer Coffee+Sandwich+Salad+Soup to the fast developing Changi Business Park where major bank headquarters are now sited besides IBM and a host of other industries.  

Well, her former contacts and clients would be more than pleased to have her there as they are also concentrated here in an around this building and they could easily drop by to chitchat with an 'old friend' besides grabbing a nice cup of coffee and sandwich.  

The staff are friendly and were more than too HAPPY and PROUD to be in the team.

Initally I wondered why knead to eat name was adopted; I thought that they have to knead the dough for bread but Mumtaz relate that everyone NEEDS TO EAT and thus the pun.  Nice indeed and agreed WE ALL {KNEAD TO EAT}!!

As the cafe is not opened yet, I cant comment on the coffee besides knowing it's Arabica Coffee they offered.  All the items served are freshly made and Mumtaz was frank to tell me she already have received hit and misses on her first time.  Well at least it was from friends and family so it's good feedback.

However, let me have my opinion !  


My son loved it including myself.  We shared the only sandwich and the roast beef was so flavourful and tender.  You do not want to having chew hard or chomp your way through a beef in a sandwich had been chewy and dry. But this was A High Five, Delicious and SIMPLY AN ENJOYABLE beef sandwich  It was a big plus with the other spread including cheese, tomato and mushroom I think  ( I enjoyed it so much I forgot to see what's therein !) which was well marinated.  The bread was so delightfully light, moist with herbs and luckily it was not heavy, dense and dry as it can happen.  It's one of the best sandwich I have tried before.  The taste was simple, original and unique.
The texture was just Right ! and the flavour still lingered on for a while after having it and I wanted more !

Hi folks!   I will be back for it.  I cannot forget that taste.

The friendly and cheeful Team with owner, Mumtaz second from left

Warning:   Simple interior decor but BIG on Taste !!

Barista at work !

I love the coffee paper cups, two colours !

My All time favourite !  I got what I saw 

6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1
UE BizHub East #01-30
Singapore 486017
Tel: 65 67020887
Email for Orders:

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Ciki said...

Love the name of the place.. so creative! Food looks good.. gotta haul ass to Sing! :D

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