Monday, October 22, 2012


We had just finished dinner at Canton Paradise at I12 Katong Shopping Mall along East Coast Road and it was just the right thing to do; we headed in the opposite direction across the Shopping Mall to AWFULLY CHOCOLATE for desserts for a sweeeeeet ending.

But neither of us had ordered the Awfully Chocolate which is nothing awful but simply awesome.  

How did they manage to compete with the mushrooms of cake shops all over Singapore by just offering a choice or no choice so to speak of just one chocolate cake.  You must be kidding but it's an awesome cake a real chocolate cake with full fledged chocolatey taste and flavour; a chocolate cake that is not a McCoy but rich dark chocolate cake between layers of chocolate fudge.  For a while, it defies my understanding not until I have my first taste.  It was AWESOME !!  

You want the same philosophy in durian that is to enjoy premium MSW durian than any other lesser known cultivars.

Awfully Chocolate was founded in 1998 and then, ex-lawyer Lynn Lee has received  a fair bit of negative comments like "Doomed to fail" venture but she listened to her own heart and now 14years later, it has expanded to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Jakarta, Dalian, Guanzhou and Shenzhen besides the numerous shops in Singapore.

It's a Sunday night and yet the place is crowded with families and friends, some celebrating birthdays with that awesome birthday cake !  It's a good choice for something sweet and savoury to enjoy after a meal and just to "LEPAK" (relax) unless you are a non-sweet tooth person as most things are sweet here.   It's between you and your dessert and the mood is set to be relaxed.  This is a recommended place for friends to hang out and be seen as well indulging in "awfully good stuffs".

You will be spoilt for choice of desserts to place your orders;  There's Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate Ice Creams, Apple Crumbles, Banana Pie, Savoury Crepes, Breads and Gourmet Coffee.   We were here for desserts and there are 8 of us and we were not short of having our own choices when it was time to fill our orders and there were many to choose from.

I had the all time favourite Banana Pie which was served first and everyone who had a dig at eat goes oooh ahhhh oooh and it was good.

I tasted the HEI Ice Cream of  rich dark chocolate Premium Ice cream and you feel satisfied that you are enjoying the real stuff not just some feel of chocolatey taste but full rich taste that do not let you down.

Awfully chocolate occupies the the ground floor of a 3 storey building diagonally opposite I12 Katong.
Simple Counter with two heaps of Kahlua bars but dont be fooled by it nor the shop name.  You will be awed by what's available!!

You have Awfully Chocolate and Mooshi Bakes to offer you a whole range of awesome food.
Mooshi Bakes Brasserie is owned by Awfully Chocolate and both combine in a one stop shop offers you endless choice  of chocolate cakes and whole day dining.   Mooshi Pies and Apple Crumbles are in a class of their own.
The Banana PIE is so good, you cant stop for a second and a third helping..

My Order of BANANA PIE at $5.90 a slice is the most popular choice that everyone loves it.  

The apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.  The apple crumble was filled with a layer of cinnamon powdered sprinkling and it may be a bit too much for those who abhor cinnamon. We find it an enjoyable dessert with bites of apples and the layers in between the pastry.

White Chocolate Butterscotch with  Dark Chocolate Swiss Roll is not only so light and velvety soft
 but it melts in your mouth as well.

If you have not savour enough, make your order at the counter to bring home and enjoy in the comfort of your own  home right in front of the TV

131 East Coast Road
Singapore 428816
Tel: (+65) 6345 2190

Open 10am-10pm Sun - Thurs
Open 10am-1am Fri, Sat and eve of public holidays

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