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It was a super long drive from KL to Jalan Ara Kayu and I have never been stuck in such a bumper to bumper traffic jam that was simply crawling on a Friday night.  Ok office workers are going home outside KL for the weekend but this was not the ordinary and it's unbelievable especially my friends on their first trip to KL since eons.  You cant even u-turn back and proceed we must.

This is the second time I have been here but this round I have all in six  frens with me.
We were heading to DAMANSARA VILLAGE STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT which has a large alfresco, open air dining experience under the starlit night whilst you dig into your pot of steamy seafood steamboat. Several thatched roof gazebos are also available. They also have an indoor dining in case it rains.  Isnt that enticing ? But first we must survive the long journey and enroute, one succumbed to giddy spell as we have 8paxs squeezed tight in a van.

It has been operating since year 2006 and it was recommended to me by a friend who hailed from KL and when she returned for a break, her siblings had brought her there.  It's a fascinating place with plenty of space for children to roam whilst the family enjoyed the meal.  They have a "longkang" built and children can scoops the rainbow fishes (poor fish).  There's also a mini zoo which housed monitor lizards, snakes and tortoise is now deteriorated to a bit of a ruin this time round.  The ambience is great for family to dine together.

It was owned by Radio Personality Patrick Teoh and friends.  

We ordered a set menu meant for 3-5paxs but it was sufficient for all of us.  

Priced at RM135 about SGD55 we really enjoyed the fresh Red Snapper, Flower Crab, Lala, Mussels, Tiger Prawns, Fishball, Wantan, Beancurd Sheets, Eggs, Crispy Egg Noodles (yee mee), Beehoon, white cabbage and crab sticks.   

You will find the difference in the soup that is clear, sweet, tasty and truly enjoyable.  The Red Snapper with no fishy taste but simply very fresh. Why because these are fresh seafood that comes from Pulau Ketam off Klang.

 The Flower Crabs meat is firm and full.   The accompaniment includes fried shallots which you can add into soup to enhance the taste.  Two types of chilli one belachan and the other chopped chili padi.

All diners, note that this place do not serve rice if you have to have rice for your meal !

We add Lai Liew Har (Praying Mantis Prawns) and this was the highlight of our feast.  At RM 7.50 per about SGD3 per piece the meat was so fresh, tender and sweet except that the meat was stuck to the shell and takes a bit of patience to eat it.  

The RED  SNAPPER was simply fresh.  You just have to toss the fish into the boiling stock of the steamboat.  Dip the cooked fish in the flavourful sauce provided.  Simple fares but delicious.
Two FLOWER CRABS only but when cut we each have our share.  The crabmeat is truly fresh and firm and the meat is fleshy enough to enjoy.
Sui Kow (dumpling), with tofu, fishballs of sorts, beancurd sheets, white cabbage and crabstick is only 2of the 5 plates of goodness included in the set menu.
They serve big prawns like this and I have got the biggest catch.
Did I miss out the quail egg here?  Only two in sight! Yes someone else managed to fish it out.
We let the stock boil before we add in the fresh ingredients.

LAI LIEW HAR the best dish which was fingerlicking good.  Why the name ?  It always urine when threatened hence the word Lia Liew and Har means Prawn.   It's a rare treat and some has a feast on this for the first time.
Satay to accompany the meal.  It's so Malaysian style that when you dine in the open air the mood is just right for with grilled satay.    However, this is a tad too sweet.

The drink of the day TODDY or coconut flower fermented alcoholic drink which is sweetish  taste so good.  Rarely do you get it in a restaurant.  At RM8 a bottle or SGD3+ it's worth to get a taste of it.  Your blood will be gushing as it's good for blood circulation.

 At RM258 or RM32.25 per pax about SGD13 per pax, the pot of steamy steamboat and accompanying dishes did make the trip worthwhile.

1067 Jalan Jenjarum
SS23 Jalan Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78031832

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