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The 10 New Hong Kong Discovery

It's there but it's elusive because there were too many options of what to do in Hong Kong, Shopping and Eating but yet this time round I still managed to make new discoveries in Hong Kong despite my numerous trips there.

Here's a list of 10 NEW Discoveries of the Hong Kong that I did not know of before and good things we must share.   Hong Kong is visibly going through much renewal and urbanisation but yet the familiar places are still there.  It's now a mix of the "old" and the "new" that makes the place still as eccletic as before and in fact more charming and enjoyable as I discovered.

       A new boutique HOTEL MADERA

I had made my hotel bookings already at a convenient place near Langham as this round I wasnt too willing to spend much on the expensive Langham Hotel.  Thoughts after thoughts, the nite before my travel I cancelled it with one nite cancellation fee imposed.  I decided otherwise due to the various reviews that the room is very crammed which makes me simply sleepless even before I go sleepless in Hong Kong.

I checked out other hotels and that was when I stumbled across this quaint small newly opened boutique Hotel yet modern, chic and sophisticated in it approach. I must say, the most accommodating 4 star hotel with 5 star standard.

To start with the price is extremely reasonable at about SGD150 when I booked it but I upgraded it to SGD180 (rate at my time of travel) for a better view as the lower floors windows faces some old blocks of flats.

What Great boutique hotel you will love to stay whilst in Hong Kong and I could easily give you 10 and more reasons why it is highly recommended:

1   Convenience is the keyword.  Only 7mins to walk to Jordan MTR along Nathan Road
2   Price is a Big Plus.  Accommodation Prices are affordable without compromise on the quality.
     This includes free broadband and WIFI, a must for all travellers.
3   Sleep Well You Must.  The Goosedown Duvet Bed is very comfortable with clean luxury linen bedsheets
4   They delight you with Extras !   Interestingly the welcome minibar items and coffee and tea including
     1 coke 1 beer 1 softdrink 2 plain water 1 LAYS Chips and satchets for hot drinks are FOC first round.
     Only subsequent Top Up Request, you will be charged.
5   I was just glad that they have Nice Iphone Docking Station to charge my Iphone as well
6   Branded TV not just any brand:   Sony Wide Flatscreen LED TV
7   Aesthetics:  Modern Room Decor with Wide and Full Height Windows
8   The toilet is big by standard with two washing basins and a jacuzzi bathtub.  I love the shampoo as well.
     The water pressure delivers a superb jet of water.
9   Hotel is situated opposite a Michellin recommended restaurant and a western restaurant.
     Uncannily, the street called Cheong Lok Street (LONG & HAPPY STREET)
     (yes! we were happy) is lined with many sports and expensive cars every day that I was there.
10 Space is gold in Hong Kong yet they dedicate a wide space on the ground floor which they could easily   use it for hotel space, for a permanent Gallery items from the past including posters of old records on the wall, antique vintage Ford car and sweets and biscuits of yesteryears etc....

They were new kid on the block yet they hold such penchant memories of the old Jordan years ago that they have to keep a part of the past to share with visitors of the old Hong Kong before it slipped away from time immemorial.

I actually asked to view the Studio and the two bedrooms and I was sincerely wowed with what was available.  For the studio, it was huge with a separate bedroom section and a cosy lovely TV area that was very lovely and comfortable.  Nice Decor was the word.

There's a small and yet chic Cafe 1997 that serves cakes, coffee etc but the nice european classical yet modern decor makes up for the space.  It's the small thoughts that put in their blueprint to ensure guests comfort is of core importance and that wows me.

The gym room was quite well equipped as well for a hotel of this size..

1 Cheong Lok Street,
Jordan, Kowloon Hong Kong
Tel:  +852 2121 9888


I was told that there is a popular old shophouse that supplies the smoothest velvety "pei dan" or century egg
to the famous Yung Kee Restaurant (unverified as it was word of mouth) and with this trusty or untrusty 
information, I have to find it out this time.

We took a short subway ride away from Central to Sheung Wan and armed only with the address I have to take a look although I knew it was way past their closing time.  Little did I know how popular the undecorated shop it was.    Yes, the aluminium shutters were down to my known disappointment and a A4 sized paper posted on the shutters that says it is open from 10.30am  to 3.30pm, I was full of hope that I get something out of it having made my way here.

Fortunately lady luck was with me :

Surprise #1 An old lady a Hong Konger was growingly unhappy that she missed the CLOSING time and she has a task at hand that is to buy both century eggs and salted eggs for a friend who lives far away.  She went banging at the aluminium shutters and continued relentlessly as we watched her antics.  Lo and Behold a lady opened the tiny door within the shutter and started scolding her in Cantonese that they are closed and  the display clearly state upto 3.30pm.  Next I gain confidence to tell her I came all the way from Singapore.

Surprise #2 ! She spoke in good English and ask that I wait.  She closed the door and then opened the door again and served the lady.  She then served me and when I asked to include salted eggs she advised otherwise that it is fresh and not advisable for travelling.  

Surprise #3 Whilst we were busy and happy with our purchase, little did we realise that a queue starts to form immediately and that's when it sank it that this is really a popular shop where locals queue to get their stuffs too!!! and they were riding on our luck!

61 Wing Lok Street
A few steps from Sheung Wan MTR Exit 2
Only on Weekdays and open from 10.30am to 3.30pm


If you think Hong Kong is famous for just their dim sum and barbequed meat, think again..
One of the highlights of must try in Hong Kong and which you dont find any similar standards in Malaysia or Singapore is the fusion dish of classic Lobster Cheese Noodles.  It is heavenly but for the non-cheese lovers, please stay away as the whole dish is nothing but covered with cheese; both the lobster and noodles are smothered and heavily laden and topped with cheezy sauced gravy.

I love this amazing dish.  It is so mouth watering, so cheezy, so ooh la la. Every strand of noodle is covered with the light yet cheezy gravy and the lobster so fresh and the combination wows!  It's fusion for Chinese 
E-Fu Noodle to be cooked with Cheese but the East and West did meet and it more that satisfy and satiate the diners.

I tried two restaurants, one a high end and the other the neighbourhood popular restaurant and both offers this dish. Practically you should be able to get it in most seafood restaurants.

I tried Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant which offered the Lobster Cheese Noodles but it cost about SGD100 and I opted for the cheaper Big Prawn Cheese Noodles instead.  The noodles are not e-fu mien,  but each strand is al dente, slighly crisp and the prawn lusciously succulent and big and the dish, hmmm very enjoyable. 

Foo Lam Fisherman Wharf Restaurant (we went to the one at Ma Tau Kok Road whilst Foo Lum has many restaurants that you can easily find in Hong Kong / Kowloon) on the other hand offers e-fu mein with lobster made very affordable at about SGD25+ I think and the dish is amazingly good except that relatively to the 'atas' Chuk Yuen whose noodle is refined and tasty, Foo Lam's e-fu mien lost ground on the noodle.   The lobster more than tempt you over the noodle and their large crowd that accounts for the volume business turnover being a neighbourhood popular restuarant enables them to offer such a good deal for the diners.


Basement Hong Kong Pacific Centre
28 Hankow Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel 2722 0633
Fax 2722 6961

Jubilant Plaza

1/F Comm. Complex Jubilant Plaza
33 Ma Tau Kok Road Hunghom

Tel: 27688618

The succulent prawns and the thinner strands of tasty noodles in fresh cheezy sauce at Chuk Yuen 
At Foo Lum the generous portions of lobsters more than cover the dish of cheezy noodles


Have you been to one of the biggest Mall in Central, Hong Kong?
I meant Landmark at Central Hong Kong.

Well I did and as usual I loved to venture into supermarkets and the anchor supermarket found there is THREE SIXTY (which by the way is coming to Singapore and will land at ION).  It is Hong Kong's largest organic and natural food store and smacked right on top of the supermarket is a food hall.

We were there near lunchtime and it was amazing to see the a chic modern twist to a foodhall which covers
a host of interesting food stations that offers temptingly wholesome food that you wish to try every thing on display. It's an international foodhall of sorts offering different cuisines to suit both office lunch crowd who are the smartly attired executives and the well heeled shoppers from below.

The wide-ranging menu at the foodhall on the 4F offers different taste and cuisine.
The seating capacity is limited so be prepared to wait for your seat.

You will be spoilt for choice with the list:

Mongolian Grill
Herbal Tea & Soup
Chocolate & Sandwiches
Japanese Cuisine
Burritto Bar
South Asian Cuisine
Asian Noodles
Pizza and Burgers
Roast Grill
Indian Cuisine
Asian Cuisine
Fresh Juices & Salad

The choice is endless and every plate looks darn inviting..........
Take your pick from the array of Asian Cuisine and every plate serving is huge

3F & 4F Landmark Central
Tel:  852-2111 4480
Opening Hours:  8am - 9pm

5  LE SALON de THE de Joel Robuchon

Whilst my trip is to savour Hong Kong cuisines, I have stumbled across the famed Joel Robuchon's Michellin three star studded L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon here at the Landmark Shopping Centre.   

I have dreamed of a blissful teatime at a Boulangerie Patisserie and having high tea of light sandwiches and pastry and cakes and best gourmet and Le Salon de The de Joel Robuchon fulfilled this.  

The theme of the place is RED and BLACK but not being outlandish.  It's presence is a testament to its high end, exquisite and superb French cuisine and patisserie and just being it provides such a visual treat.

Located on the 3rd Floor of Landmark Shopping Centre, there are two dining area one with tent like sitting arragement overlooking centrepiece of the shopping centre and the other scattered seatings around the Patisserie.  The place is again crowded with Caucasians but we managed to get a seat.

The counter is teeming with variety of artisan pastries that are a feast to the eyes and besides this, it offers satisfying courses of meals.  

A few teases on the suggestions of the day includes:
Crab meat with cauliflower cream flavoured with lemon grass oil @ HKG140 (about SGD23)

Roasted Chicken with Rosemary served with aromatic salad and mashed potato @ HKG160 (about SGD27).  We had this and the chicken was tender and aromatic.  Simple but mama mia and we thoroughly enjoyed this.  You could feel the finesse touch on each dish that was prepared with dedication.  The mashed potato serve on a cup is the smoothest I have tried.  

The desserts are to die for.  Not only do they look perfectly touched up but tasted heavenly as well.

Delectable arrays of patisserie by LE SALON DE THE de Joel Robuchon
Office Executives waiting for their turn to pick their choices
Le Poulet roti aux romarin acompagne d'uin sucrin au balsamic et son jus de voille pomme puree HKG160 (est SGD27)
The tea was served on a red hued heavy pot 
The Duck Rillet is so tender soft and warming dish the gourmand would enjoy.

It's a must visit place if you happen to be in Hong Kong.

LE SALON DE THE de Joel Robuchon
Shop 315 3/F The Landmark

16 Des Vouex Road, 
Central Hong Kong 

TO BE TO BE ONTINUED....................................(6) to (10) of Something New Something Old of Hong Kong 


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