Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Ho Fun

6th June 2009

Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Ho Fun
Hong Lim Food Centre
Stall 41A
11am to 3pm

Where there is a snaking queue, you may find either cheap, good and/or popular chows and daily, at Hong Lim FC just behind Chinatown Point, there are a few popular queues and Tuck Kee is one of them. They are known for offering the best Crayfish Prawn Horfun (flat rice noodle) in town and patrons would patiently queue for the nearest taste of Ipoh horfun that Singapore could offer.

Popular foodstalls comes with some foreboding signs to prevent patrons from asking too much questions, speed up the serving process and these include the "Please Q", "Self Service" and Price for different portions as well and this is evident at Tuck Kee who presents all of that. The plates comes with
min $5 (small), $6.50 (medium) and $9.50 (big) and it comes with crayfish, prawns and chives.

Auntie was too shy for me to take a snapshot and says she is too simply dressed, of course you dont expect her "dress to her nines" at this food court but a courteous way of saying she is too busy to serve the crowd waiting in queue.

Service was fast as the stallowners have gone through the same process and clockwork for years; everything seems so routine with "robotic "execution in seemlessly easy steps .. Uncle behind the counter picks up from the stack of nicely arranged prawns and crayfish and place them on the horfun and drenched them with their thickened gravy, add the cooked chives and topped with browned shallots is a task he handles every minute day in, day out, weeks, months, and has gone through the daily grind for years..........except for SUNDAY and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

Despite the fresh ingredients, I somehow find the prawns and crayfish slightly 'fishy' in taste but the hor fun is suberb and comparable to Ipoh's horfun as it is very smooth paired with the thickened gravy. Value for money as you get a whole crayfish with prawns too. I usually accompany this meal with a glass of almond soya bean milk purchased from behind this stall.


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