Sunday, June 7, 2009

Barcook Bakery

6th June 2009

531 Upper Cross Street
#01-54 Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 050531
Tel: 65336588

I had my first bite of this interesting bun offered by Lovejade when we last had a fish-smacking dinner experiencing fish lips, cheek, eyes, stomach ..... and she was raving about it.

Certainly the flattish bun is not your usual run of the mill bun from your neighbourhood bakery shop. The word Barcook sounds familiar, mine is Jencooks and sure, do I look forward to endorse all over the place products that carry Jencooks brand; ok ok on in my dreams only.

When I chanced upon this new found bakery, I thought it is quite an unlikely place to find such a seemingly upmarket bakery at Hong Lim Complex just next to a fruit shop but the queue is just what I have described earlier of some Hong Lim FC stall. The trays are empty at one side of the shop and inside the display counter, you find only three variety of breads, all buns and yet the queue is forming for just one particular type of bun.

Raisin Cream Bun (actually flattish round bun)
It has an appeal with the masses who has a soft spot for cheese. They will simply love this cottony-soft, moist bun with generous amount of plump raisins and the surprising filling of satiny creamy, sweetish-saltish soft cheese that is so light and flavourful. The creamy cheese just oozes out when you bite and the feeling is so wonderful. Even when kept after a day, the bun taste just as good as you can see from the pic above.

The buns sells like hotcakes and when we returned for more many trays have gone off the shelves. They are sold as soon as they are baked and that makes it so fresh. The many varieties on the display board was not necessary as the one product of sponge-dough method, the raisin cream bun is a surefire winner already, each at $1.30.

Their signature Muesli Loaf at $3.50 is another die die must try (why because it is so hard to buy) as this has to be ordered in advance. There were two big tray with many loaves of the muesli bread but they are not for sale to walk-in patrons as these have to be pre-ordered and these belongs to those who are patient enough to place an order and come back for it. This is not Japan where you can go ga-ga over anything interesting but believe it or not, it's happening in Singapore (just like hello kitty phenomenon).

Owner is Steven Ng, has opened the bakery sometime in mid 2008 and armed with the right receipe for good quality bread and a team of skillful bakers, it must be a roaring success.


You gotta love it to head for the queue !!!


CUMI & CIKI said...

can imagine the queue - as with most things worth waiting for eh?!

Shell (貝殼) said...

i like the BARCOOK logo..nice~

Kimchi said...

i had my 1st try right 5 mins before i dropped this comment. Very great value. Extremely generous ingredient yet very reasonable price

JENCOOKS said...

Welcome Kimchi, that was fastest comment after tasting I hv received. Thanks for the comment.

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