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2nd March 2009

Mak's Noodle
77 Wellington Street
Central Hong Kong

Yearly, foodies head to Hong Kong in droves for their annual pilgrimmage to the food paradise to indulge in the ultimate food that you can actually find here in Singapore or Malaysia yet stood apart on a class of its own in Hong Kong and, I was amongst them.

Most of us know for the same wanton noodle found here, we have a more popular Kuala Lumpur darker version noodle that simply taste better and still nothing beats the ones you taste in Hong Kong. In fact when you shout Mak's Noodle (Mak Aun Kee), the city's best noodle to any tourist, they will know where to hunt it down. However, there are lesser known stalls which served equally good wanton noodles, one of which was straddled across my hotel in Mongkok and it was darn good.

There is another wanton noodles called Chung Kee Noodle at 37 Wing Kut Street which belongs to founder, Mak Woon-Chi's eldest son, Mak Chi-Chung whilst the touristic joint at Wellington Street is now operated by Mak Chi-Ming, the grandson.

Then in Guangzhou, Mak Woon-Chi was already No. 1 and reputed as "King of Wanton".

What can you say for wanton noodles that has been passed three generations down since 1960.
It's a divine soupy wanton noodle whose receipe has been retained and devotedly kept consistent in quality and taste and nothing has changed.

However, the portion is small and a few slurps of the thin springy noodle and flavoursome wanton with crunchy succulent fresh prawn leaves you wanting for more. The powdered flounder ingredient has lent a unique taste to the soup and wanton noodle here simply means the wanton, the noodle and the bouillon or the broth and the three blend in unison to create a simple meal yet bursting with flavours.


"It's the simplest things that are the best and these shrimp dumplings are awesome".

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