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2 March 2009

Head Office G/F No 2 Gage Street
Central Hong Kong Tel: 25443895
Branch Office : G/F No.4A-6 Gage Street
Central Hong Kong Tel: 28508683

Street food and small family run food outlets in Hong Kong is dime a dozen. Lan Fong Yuen eatery is one of them which caught our eyes as we strolled down the interesting open air market with its array of fresh produce.

Just at the corner of Gage Street, the shop is situated at the beginning with its front covered with a shack like feature and this is where they toast their bread and make their coffee for breakfast.

Just outside is a fruit stall and you can catch hold of the morning buzz at the urban street market which runs through Peel and Graham Street and the atmosphere is just so colourful. Such place is so vital to Hong Kong as tourist like us do enjoy such rare sights. I love the sight of an energetic marketplace.

It was a crisp cool morning and the street is already bustling with shoppers and hawkers. The smell of coffee aroma fills the air and this led us to Lan Fong Yuen, a small dinghy premise where the locals had their breakfast in the tiny cramped eatery.

There are pictures of famous writer, TV host and celebrity gourmet, CHUA LAM who endorses his recommendation of this eatery too, so it must be good.

Watch this video clip of how they prepare Hong Kong PANTYHOSE MILK TEA

As I was not yet hungry, my seat is considered a waste to the morning crowd, hence Lan Fong Yuen servers insisted that there must a minimum purchase for two to take a seat. My assumption is perhaps they are also avoiding the morning aunties doing their marketing rounds to just hang and chat up just over a cuppa of beverage.

Are they misunderstood for using ladies pantyhose to strain their milk to a smooth 'Si Mut Nai Cha'? Of course not, the late Mr Lam's innovative idea to brew using cheesecloth did lend a story as the tea brewing has stained the cheesecloth that the effect was just like ladies pantyhose.

As you take your seat, the servers are actually nicer and more courteous and you can actually see the whole making of the milktea, coffee or bread in full view as they execute it just outside the shop.

The specialty, signature Pork Bun is so yummy and tasty (I actually preferred this over Macau famous pork chop bun) and you can watch them deep fry the pork chop in simple execution. The sesame Buns are toasted in usual bread toaster to give the crispy skin and warm bread and spread with butter which melts under the warm bread and finally topped with the well marinated pork chop, your morning breakfast, accompanied with a cup of MilkTea would be completely a satisfying one.

Lan Fong Yuen also serve the old school purist method of serving bread i.e steamed bread and the outcome is soft and light bread.

This is the exciting part of Hong Kong where one can stumble across old good eateries at any street and corner, no wonder it is aptly known as the Food Paradise.



CUMI & CIKI said...

i dunno why pork burgers normally look compact and really succulent! yums!

J2Kfm said...

i personally dont dig the Macau's version either. too dry.

backStreetGluttons said...

HK is food paradise no 2 !
eat till you drop...

Life for Beginners said...

Those pork buns look altogether too yummy for words... I'm heading to Macau and HK later this year... Gonna take your advice and try both the HK pork bun and compare it with the Macau pork chop version... :)

Selba said...

Nice.... but I think if I visit HongKong and Macau, I will try their authentic Chinese food :D

JENCOOKS said...

Ciki - compact yums for the dainty mouth.

J2Kfm - you had your share of HKG & Macau last year.

BSG - and shop till u drop as well.

KennyMah - wow travelling much this year. Head for Wellington Road in Hong Kong Island.

Selba - make a trip, well worth every saliva drops now.

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