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Monday, 16th Feb 2009

Plentong International Karting Circuit
(former Permas Go Kart)
Johor Bahru Malaysia
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday 8am - 7pm

We planned for a day of outing in Johor Bahru not just the usual shopping or dig out Malaysian food but started the day at Tanah Merah MRT station where two of us waited for a colleague to drive us. Thereon, we proceed to Kranji MRT to meet the rest, all together 9 of us in two cars.

Overcame the slight jam at customs, we crossed into JB new customs which is spanking new and big but the sheer windy distant road leading from the JB causeway after Singapore customs was certainly new to many.

We headed towards Plentong the new home of GO KART, away from JB city and finding it was not a breeze. As we travelled on, we had to look out for Pelangi on the right and Crystal Crown on the left, the STORE komplexs Lien Ho on the right, travel up further along Jalan Bakar Batu, crossed the Permas bridge, take note of Jaya Jusco on the right along Jalan Permas Utara and you can turn in through Jalan Bunga Seroja or the road just before GIANT on the left through Jalan Bunga Kekwa.

We had walkie talkie so that we could communicate and keep tab that we travel together and are not lost in an unfamiliar area, yet we missed a few turns despite a simplistic map to guide us by and the nite before, a colleague had called up his sister for directions too. Well, we hit close there and with the help of a passer by, we were on track.

It was more to come, as we were unprepared for the gravel and mud track through a 3.5km of oil palm plantation, the convoy of two cars (lol) had to travel at turtle speed or the tyres would wear out flat before we could reach. The car turned dusty and it was like forever....until we reached an open space.

This was new as the former ground was at Permas and Permas Go Kart Club was set up in 2002 by Louis Liew. We settled for the 160cc car for beginners at RM30 during weekday (RM35 during weekend) for a mere 10minutes ride round the circuit.

This satisfies our adrenalin pumping for the day as we prepared for the run round the circuit of max 1.433km but I cannot recall how far we go but it was all thrill and excitement of the day and of course the two fastest, Jer... and Sebas... were the fastest that day and for sure they got the ticket for speeding..hahaha.

For us it was just leisure drive and travel at our own speed and starting off the wrong track but it was sure fun... Finally we were amazed that we did it.

It was 3.5km through oil palm plantation to reach the Karting Circuit

Before you kart, this is to pace your heart by slowing down first; the gravel tracks are hard to drive through.

All the karts lined up for us to pickup; first you wear a netted hair cover then the helmet and you choose the kart that fits your size.

Here I come, I am also first in line and cannot lose to No. 5. The bets are high stake !

Good Man ! All Thumbs up ready to GO KARTING !!

Mm, let me check my kart first...

For me, I had a hard time fitting in snugly.

Well, I go for a beauty drive instead...

This seems like a real thing of F1 race of beginners like us....

Watch out for No. 16, I actually drive a WRX every day dont play play.....

I am my own champion, no need to challenge No 15 leh !

I am happy with No 0, mini kart is fine, I also play play only,......

I watched others go kart first and if everyone enjoys it I go for it...
Quite interesting leh, can I go another round?

Aiya, why skid and stall.....

Best on my own, yellow blouse matched yellow kart........

I am behind you, watch out WILL......

The two champions were "saman" tickets for speeding !!!!



J2Kfm said...

so who won in the end? hahahah
the speedsters with summons? :)

Life for Beginners said...

Hehe, that looks like a lot of fun! I was in JB the last weekend but didn't know about this go-karting place. Maybe next time I'm in town, then. :)

JENCOOKS said...

U got it right!

Kenny Mah
Oh really, u do come south quite often. Next time, do a GO KART all the way fm KL ! HAHA

Shell (貝殼) said...

Go-karting!! very syok & fun outing activity.

CK Lam said...

Cool...nice and interesting activity for all of you.

JENCOOKS said...

It's a stress relieving activity! You shd try it.

CK Lam
Hot day but cool activity, u are right!

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