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RESTORAN TODAK (Orang Asli) Johor Bahru

16February 2009
No.1 Kg Orang Asli
Telok Jawa Masai
81750 Johor Bahru
Tel: 07-3863696

After an exhilirating ride on the Go Kart circuit, we headed for seafood in Masai which was not very far off but we took a while to reach and to me this is another off the beaten track location.

We have to travel along Jalan Masai Lama away from Giant Hypermart in Plentong towards the Sri Alam Interchange and turnright into Jalan Kota towards Telok Jawa. We travelled through an old housing estate here and whilst we were looking for a big signboard of this place, we unexpectedly caught sight of a very small sign of this restaurant instead and we knew we were on the right path. Turning right into the road we came face to face with the waterfront which has a cluster of stilt restaurants and wooden homes nestling on the beach. It was definitely a transquil sight and it was lowtide then. Immediately opposite this place we spotted Singapore shores of Sembawang which was very close indeed. Well it wasnt very far away from home!

Restoran Todak was right at the end and you have to walk thro a long wooden walkway and there was no crowd in sight actually. The kampung atmosphere was felt or rather it was also reminiscent of Mersing another place in Johor and with a relaxed mood, we settled in for lunch. Order of the day was seafood, seafood, seafood and fresh ones I mean.

Such a unique long wooden planks walkway to the restaurant

Low tide exposing the stilts of the long walkway.

There was no flashing smiles or only half smiles from the tired and famished kakis

Then, all eyes were set on their food and no one was talking, just attacking the crabs, clams, prawns......with gustos just like when they were on the track.

On the right, you can see a plate of "hum" or fresh cockles on a bed of ice. To those who dare to try, it was the freshest "hums" they could get and they were sliced in sashimi style, perfect for the score.

These cockles are big and fresh by standard

Typical Cereal Prawns

Deep Fried Squid which was tasty

We ordered two types of crab, the drier version Black Pepper Crab as we have two camps of Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crabs lovers

Chilli Crabs goes with the usual mantous "deep fried buns"

LaLa or Clams

The rest of the food was average, stuff that you have tried before. Seafood was fresh but taste wise it was ok I would say.

Now you get the smiles back after the meal but with a hazy day, you cant get much of a picturesque background of Singapore shores but it was a nice lunch here with natural calm and scenic surroundings to relax in and enjoy a meal. I am sure you get the city lights from across if you come at night with star studded nights too.

This rounds up the JB rendevous with a trip to Tebrau Shopping Centre for a last minute shopping before we hit back to Singapore. It could not have been more perfect that the car was washed in the heavy downpour whilst we were shopping and when we stepped out, the rain stopped.
It was truly a fun and enjoyable one day trip discovering Johor Bahru outskirts.

RESTORAN TODAK - not your typical restaurant settings


J2Kfm said...

you guys really went all the way out for some good grubs eh?

fresh seafood's a hit, but the cooking style also comes into play, right?

i tend to stay away from blood cockles though.

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow.. trust u to find an orang asli seafood joint la.. ! well done. so what is the main diff between this and chinese seafood? which do u prefer?

Little Inbox said...

We have the similar type of seafood restaurant here in Penang too, but was not operating by orang asli. :)

Selba said...

So many kind of dishes! This must be really fun :)

JENCOOKS said...

J2Kfm, yep an untypical makan place at least.

Ciki not sure how orang asli is involved in the restaurant but I see Chinese staff around.

Little Inbox thanks for dropping by. I am sure you got very nice seafood in Penang too.

Selba You and Me are into Fun Food heheh.

Roshan said...

I went here 5 years ago! Amazing. One of the meals of my life!

Roshan said...

I had been trying to find where this place was ever since (we were driven there at night). This was that place. Thanks for the site!

ayam390 said...

I had been there on 12-06-2010(Sunday).
indeed, the scenic is beautiful and the seafood is fresh. But the taste is just lower then average(10 point I'll give them 4 point)! It took 20 minutes to waiting the waitress to come to take order. 1st dish arriving is 40 minutes after we ordered. So, we took 1 hour to waiting for our dinner since we sit on the chair(if the food is good, it's worth the wait)!! Asking for add water to the tea pot the waiter and waitress just act like see no body....So, i do it by myself!! after 3rd dish is serve(1st dish to 3rd dish took around 20min)then only the rice is coming(in between have been asking for rice more than 5 times)!
the concussion is, no more next time for me!

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