Monday, September 8, 2008


CK TangsSingapore 238865Tel: 6311 3424 / 6737 5500The Island Cafe simply offers shoppers a place to hang out and relax their tired feet and perhaps for a relaxing afternoon for a tete-a-tete conversation or simply just for the tantalising food; A count on the menu shows that there are at least fifteen signature dishes and it's a medley of local, Malaysian & Indonesian food and not your usual deli meals found in a cafe.
CK Tang offers lifestyle shopping and that includes a nice Balinese-styled cafe tucked away on the 4th floor. The cafe named Island Cafe draws you into a resort-like ambience and the moment you stepped in, you will forget that you are in Orchard Road unless you dine at the open-air verandah that faces the main road. There are the unique cane chairs which I simply love cos' it's so cosy and comfy for a laid~back cuppa tea and bamboo lined ceilings and tables just makes this place so unique.
I am on liquid diet and the best that I could order as I sauntered in is the Crab Bisque (SGD6) with sprinkles of crabs meats on it.
There was a nice cane~tray of the famous Singapore Chicken Rice with all the condiments that was being served to the next table and the rice looks yellowish, soft and fluffy. This was presumably ordered by the daughter for her parents, an old couple and I am sure they must have enjoyed the delightful chicken rice that I noted they asked for an extra bowl of rice soon after.
Gosh I see more and there are even Grilled Taupok, Gado-gado and Indonesian Fried Rice in the menu too and most importantly, the prices listed are reasonable.

4F, 320 Orchard Road
CK Tang is an established landmark departmental shopping centre along Orchard Road with its iconic building with green-tiled roof and facade. This was designed after the Imperial Palace of Forbidden City in Beijing and the artisans have done a great job. The building stands today along the busiest section of Orchard Road, set apart from the modernisation of Orchard Road with the new ION Shopping Centre being constructed opposite it.

The menu includes traditional Hainanese Pork Chop Rice, the popular famous KL flat yellow noodles; Black Pepper Crab Tung Hoon that was cooked with crab meats and topped with deep fried soft-shell crab; Penang Fried Kway Teow; Curry Chicken, Laksa with Crayfish (SGD13), Crayfish Seafood Horfun (SGD13) and the list goes on...

For me, I am happy with my Crab Bisque although I would have wished for a lobster bisque. I had also ordered an Iced Latte but it comes with a stronger expresso aroma and taste instead of nice smooth latte and this was a bit of a disappointment. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the ambience and the more earthy cane settings, alone in solitude.


Penang Tua Pui said...

The environment looked casual and calm, really nice for hang out and relaxed...

Crab Bisque, nice onot? Haven't been to Sg for some time.. don't know how much it has changed... time to take a break go Sg jalan-jalan again....

Can be our tour guide ar?? hhehe

J2Kfm said...

I also wanna go S'pore, can be my tour guide? =)

it's been so long since I visited.

Shell (貝殼) said...

really a good place for relax our tired feet^^

Life for Beginners said...

Nothing like an afternoon hidden away in a cosy cafe whiling the lazy hours away... :)

backstreetgluttons said...

nex time we come and share the abalaone lobter bisque together

JENCOOKS said...

PTPui ~ Crab Bisque ok lah. Tour Guide, guide u mean, just bring me all penang food first.

J2Kfm ~ u ran a week off somewhere, not to Spore right already>? Guide? come with your Penang kakis and tarpau Ipoh food.

Shell ~ Yes, but just dont put your legs on the table.

KennyMah ~ Lazy>? I wished I have hours of it.

BSG ~ Make sure u bring the can of Abalone and it will be added to the bisque. How many gluttons?

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