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JENCOOKS - Haemul Pa Jeon (해물파전)

Making of KIMCHI PA JEON (김치파전)

3rd August 2008

JENCOOKS - Hae-mul Pa Jeon (해물파전)

This is a simple dish to cook up when you just desire to eat something savoury; Korean pa jeon or scallion pancake can be done in a few minutes and it's as good and cheap option than to dress up and go out to fill your growling stomach.

Pa jeon is a traditional Korean pancake and the ingredients are easy to get; basically what you can find in your fridge from your daily or weekly marketing; Flour, scallions, eggs if you want to add it in. Pa Jeon comes in different varieties, Pa Jeon (파전) (scallions batter); Kimchi Jeon (김치파전) or Hae-mul Jeon (해물파전) (seafood) but I like to add in sliced red chilli for that extra power taste.

Once, I had a lovely huge (big pizza size) hae-mul pajeon at Venetian Hotel in Macau foodcourt and tho I was full it was one of the best that I have tried. Since then, on Sat afternoons, whenever I feel like digging into this, I will simply dish this up.

What goes in:All purpose flour mixed with water and eggs to form the batter

Season with Soy Sauce (if you prefer add salt)

I like to align the cut scallions in straight rows

Add cut Red Chilli
Sprinkle Squid and prawns over the pancake

Flip and brown the other side


J2Kfm said...

Pa Jeon!!! my aunt used to make them, very delicious. though I prefer Japanese pizza (okonomiyaki), for the stronger flavour.

I've posted something on the Korean pancakes I think.

Jen REALLY Cooks! :)

JENCOOKS said...

For someone who likes to eat, cooking is a natural thing to do...

I will lookup your Korean pancakes post when I am free. thanks.

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