Friday, July 25, 2008

THE CLUB ging gang goolli gooli ging gang goo

Clearer Pic
Clear Pic

Blurry pic
Waiting for better pics; meantime pose after makan shows happy customers;
ALL smiling
SO BluRrrr but can capture all the teeths and wide laughters.
Fish & Co T2

American Independence Day 4th July and we celebrate on 25th July
Fish & Co, seafood in a pan at Singapore's Changi International Airport T2

The Clubhouse for "members"

The Aquamarine nautical cool look for members

This flying fish on the platter? ...definitely not;
Satifsfied ha? Still have to go back leh!
We are guzzlers for Lemonades.....

Dipping sauce "OH AH PEI AH SOM"
FISH talks....
Fish Talks Back.....Seafood in a Platter with Sotong (which someone's not eating otherwise more sotong!!), Cajun Fish and Prawns with Rice in a Meditteranean styled pan. Prawn Fettucinne; Prawns very freshDont be mistaken, this is not from Fish & Co. Who says Canteen Food not nice; Sweet & Sour Pork from Canteen....

My previous meal @ Fish & Co

American Independence Day

FISH & COChangi International Airport Terminal 2
Departure/Check in Hall Level 3
Tel : (65) 6546 4485 Fax : (65) 6546 4486

We headed towards Changi Airport for Fish & Co at T2 and with Citibank's Visa special offers for free drinks with every main course order, everyone has their good share of fish in a pan at least besides other fresh catches of the day.
My Iphone pics have seemingly poor resolution and again failed me unlike Motmouth's pics clarity with just his Nokia 5610.
We feasted on our favourite New York Fish & Chips which was the star of the day cause the "battered" fish is delectable (batter as in crusting the fish and no, we did not batter the fish whilst we eat).

Seafood platter was the next popular dish as it is attractive with the well aligned prawns with cajun fish, calamari (sotong), rice and chips in a Meditteranean styled pan.

There were also orders for catch of the day, grilled & served Fish Cajun style, Sambal Fish and Stingray (Black Pepper) grilled on banana leaf & topped with black pepper sauce, Prawns Fettuccini served with homemade chili cream sauce.
The last time I has my meal at Fish & Co in Tampines, I tried the Portuguese Crab which is reasonably good.

The group has obviously displayed strong feminine and masculine traits at the table.
The Guys guarded their turfs and ordered their own meals only; no sharing and
the Ladies did the gotong-royong sharing of dishes with one another so that we taste more with less $$$.

Good meal, right folks?


Martin Nata said...

it was such beautifull and joyfull lunch. I am blessed to be able to met great and wonderfull collegues/friends.
Hoping that we are all still keep in touch in many coming years.

JENCOOKS said...

Remy Martin, yes FRIENDS FOREVER.

Forgot the topic in the pic what made the girls laughed from ear to ear. That was the biggest laughter but the guys looked so solemn; must be on them.haha

Jackson said... much seafood! Im hungyr nw

J2Kfm said...

hey there! dun ditch your IPhone!!! gimme if dunwan. =P
it's a way too cool phone to be lamented about the resolution. a camera can beat a phone ANYDAY.

Fish & Co nicer or manhattan Fish market huh?

I never try Fish and Co.

JENCOOKS said...

Thanks Jackson and J2kfm for dropping by;

Here's the Iphone for you, grab before others do.....Yah really cool phone...OK I am using Sony touchscreen.

Manhattan, nobe I have not tried. Fish & Co, fish ok, rest I think soso..

Jackson...your sequel ended?

ICook4Fun said...

You make me misses home so much just by looking at all the yummy you posted here especially the DURIAN!! I feel like going home now :(

JENCOOKS said...

icook4fun. thanks for dropping by. It's durian mania now in SIN MSIA. Durians are so cheap it's unbelievable for good quality ones....

alvin said...

Jojo : really impress with aunty power! keep it up with the good work. Looking forward to see more happy pic on this blog. Cheer :)

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