Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jalan Kayu Food Trail

Saturday, 5th July 2008
Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata237/239 Jalan Kayu
Telephone: (65) 6481-1537
Open : 24hrs Closed Fri (12pm-2.30pm for prayers)
Jane's Cake Station265 Jalan Kayu
Operating Hours:Mon-Sat: 12noon - 6.30pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 12noon - 4pm(Closed on Wednesdays)
We were early for golf practice at the driving range and my coach, JTan was in good mood and so was I.

Met MASH there and had small chitchat with him and reconfirm the "dominant" eye test.

Thereafter we travelled to Jalan Kayu famous for its roti prata. Thasevi was established since 1960 and has not expanded out of this area since. There is another roti prata shop further down which is also as popular. The narrow road is starting to be crowded with Singaporeans heading here for the weekend hunt for good roti prata. We had paper prata, egg and plain and chicken curry but despite the rich curry, it was not as spectacular but the "kampung air" sets the pace for a leisurely breakfast meal.

Proceed to Jane's Cake Station, an inconspicuous cake shop whose customers have either discovered this heavenly cake after coming here for their roti prata or were recommended by word of mouth. Jane's Cake Station signature cake is the rich chocolate fudge cake starting at $30/kg for an 8" size but they do not sell by the slice and we settled for the fresh strawberry bread crumbles which is very tasty too at $3/cup.

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