Thursday, May 22, 2008


A-ROY THAI RESTAURANT109 North Bridge Road
#04-06 Funan The IT Mall
Singapore 179097
Tel: 63383880

Thursday, 22th May 2008May Lee has arrived from Melbourne yesterday enroute to Malaysia and Seattle to visit hersister who is also my sister's classmate and we have arranged to meet at a cosy
Thai Restaurant, A-RoyThai
at Funan Centre, being a central location for all after much
fuss on where to hangout. A-Roy in Thai means it's delicious.
A-RoyThai can also be enjoyed by east-enders in East Coast Road and this is owned by their relatives.We have not met for a year and it was ladies nite with so much to catch up that when I arrived late,the food was still not served yet, cos the piggies has lots and lots to oink, oink.
SockHoon, MuiEng, LaiLing, Lindy, KimSoo, myself and the guest of honour makes
up the perfect 7 for the 49fers.

Everyone had ordered atypical Thai Lemon Grass Drink served in Royal embossedgold mug for these princesses. Food was served shortly and it was not your typical
daily humdrum meal;
The lemon grass salad was fragrant and the pungent lemon
grass taste was not only absent but rather
it's very palatable and it's best eaten wrapped in
lettuce leaves.
Fish has deep fried basil leaves topping with special chilli gravy;
Traditional Thai tomyum (so so only) comes in two variety, though both are clear soup,
one was fiery to the tongue and this was specially order for the guest
who needed the oomph after escaping the winter cold in downunder.

The special dish was beaten egg fried with mashed Thai vegetable
and this was tasty and unique.
Upon request, we were introduced to the type of Thai vegetable used as ingredient.
Nevertheless no photos of the group was taken which I should for keepsake tho posting
in the net was prohibited ....haha.
We had to leave early cos tomorrow we have to market, to market to buy a pig....

Bill came in at abt S$237.00, yes on the pricier side cos the princesses got their royal servings!

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