Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bangkok Pattaya Trip

23rd - 27th May 2008 5D4N Bangkok Pattaya Tour
Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport
We arrived in Bangkok via SQ980 on 23May08
and were guided to a diplomat checkin counter instead by the tourguide, away from the long queue that was forming at the main arrival customs clearance hall.Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport is certainly spectacular and captivating with its tunnel-like effect architecture as viewed above.

Tom Yum
This delightful Thai soup is distinctively spicy, hot ,sour and flavourful.
We had this every meal almost 7 times during the whole trip but despite this, none tasted similar at all.
It is very appetising and given that the meals throughout the tour were mediocre and not worth any culinary mention, just tom yum and rice alone is more than satisfying.

Five Foot Walkway CoffeeThe coffee culture in Bangkok is fast changing and you can find your cafe styled cuppa coffee from the five foot walkways (roadside) and backlanes. You can get your coffee brew for a song and the strong aroma perks you up immediately but it's amazing it tasted so good.

Unusual ADORABLE PetsFor the first time, we came across unusual pets like lemurs and an unknown breed that looks like a cross btw the lemur and a monkey.By the way, the owners bought them at Chatuchak Weekend Market and they are so adorable, shy and gentle.
CORAL ISLANDThis island off Pattaya has crystal clear water but the daily crowd of tourists has driven all the fishes away from the shore that there is no sight of any fish swimming nearby except further away, you can find coral reefs, marine fishes and sea urchins as you cruise through by glass bottom boats.

The PromenadeAmari Watergate Hotel
847 Petchburi Road
Bangkok 10400
Tel. +66 (0) 2653 9000

Whilst we leisurely enjoyed the sumptuous buffet breakfast at The Promenade with its widespread choice that can last you thro lunch, the place is popular with businessmen and executives in formal suits digging in their chow hurriedly and this is expected as it is on a Tuesday morning. For about est S$30+per person (THB700+), you get helpings of international cuisine but what I like best is porridge with salted eggs, Chinese sausage which was so good. This goes well with the squid and beef jerky Thai style, Japanese chicken teriyaki and miso soup, western cuisine , and a variety of fresh fruit juices. CENTRAL Chidlom Shopping Centre We had our fill before proceeding to Central Chidlom where everything is so fresh and trendy here; Take the seat next to the lift and you can enjoy plasma screens TV and at the ladies you will find an adjoining room with plush sofa (little thots that count to make your shopping trip memorable and enjoyable) will be amazed by the endless choice at the gourmet supermarket ......and this place is popular with the locals, expats and tourists as well as their innovative ideas do appeal to many.

DISH FOR < $1 (minus the labour cost)

Managed to buy this Thai veg from a passing pushcart along Petchaburi Road at 40cents per bunch and upon return, replicate the dish of Egg and Veg tasted at A-RoyThai and bingo it's good if not better at <$1 for this dish. You need to be careful to use only the leaves as the stem is hard and slightly thorny and I enhanced it with a pinch of sugar and hence the caramelised effect you see above.
We also bought 5 bunches of baby asparagus fort S$2.00 whilst a bunch here in Singapore market alone cost $2.00 !!!

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