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Practically most foodies know of SAN LOU BEEHOON in Johor Bahru (referring to 3 Storeys Beehoon) which has been popularised by their sumptious wok fried beehoon and uniquely dished out in its very own style.  More interesting was the story webbed out based on a three storey building.

This idea has caught on and we now have 15 Storeys Ah Kiang Fish Ball Noodle.  So what's the story of this 15 Storey Ah Kiang FishBall Noodle?  Mr Kiang, one of the brothers of this family owned business explained that they have originated from the 15 Storeys Building (now demolished) once situated behind the current expansive JB CIQ.   Its a keepsake name for their customers to remember their flagship shop since they have now moved to Permas Jaya.

It's a Sunday late morning and the shop in Permas Jaya was packed with late risers having their morning breakfast.  You will notice that Permas Jaya has a more laid back atmosphere with everyone doing their own things nonchalantly but this shop has lifted up the mood bringing those who want to fill their stomach some satisfying moments.  However, the coffee here is rather thin.

They offer flat noodle (mee pok) and round noodle (mee kia) as well as rice noodles (kway teow)  and a hint of the Malaysian flavour is found with dark sauce added (known to Singaporean as the Singapore noodles do not add dark sauce).

Akin to Ah Koong noodles, they offer fish cakes as accompaniment.  Generous with the ingredients, they have added fish balls, slivers of liver (hoon kwa which is more delicious), fish cakes and you can top it with the avant garde Hokkaido scallops which others dont serve.  The small scallops are very fresh.

Mr Kiang the elder brother is busy behind the stall dishing out the noodles and you have several helpers who donned purple tees uniform briskly serving the bowls of noodles.

Fish Cakes that are fresh and tasty and the chilli has the oomph though not fiery hot.

We ordered both flat and round noodles but the popular flat noodle is not as nice here as the round noodle.  You need to add more chilli to bring out the taste.  

The flat noodles are cooked softer not as al dente and the slices of char siew are not the usual "charred" siew pork but looked tinged with red colouring. 

It ain't no restaurant standard despite its name and the bowls are served as is wtih splatters of oil and sauce on the bowl.

The soup is very tasty though and the fish ball is freshly to a bouncy consistency.

Now the small Hokkaido scallops topped it all, sweet and fresh and I enjoyed it.

Love the MILO Logo and you drink with an old feel of  "tak kiew drink".....

18, Jalan Permas 10
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya
81750 Johor Bahru
Contact:  Mr Kiang   016-7732228

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Ciki said...

wow great find! too bad they don't have that here in kl. The hokkaido scallops look tasty! too bad the noodles were overcooked though. I also like mine al dente

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