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What attracts me to venture into Skudai which is a suburb some 16km from the Johor Bahru can only be food.   I have heard about this place popular for its braised duck but I have no inkling where the location is but since I was in JB for a day, it would be nice to have a go for it.  

Surely it is worthwhile to find out since Axian  has recommended it and I have travelled as far as Tanjung Tualang and Tanjung Sepat and a few other places which he has put a spot on his food journey so going to Skudai shouldnt be difficult.

Well this place is just diagonally across Skudai Parade Shopping Centre in the vicinity of Taman Sri Skudai.
We noticed a few other shops that also sells duck but as soon as you arrive at MIS RESTAURANT or otherwise better known as SKUDAI DUCK MEE SHOP you will notice three things that you are at the right shop:

1  There is a crowd and it is usually known that when the food is good that's where your heart will follow.
2  The Big Poster of AXIAN and the owner prominently displayed on the wall outside the shop.

3  The owner's way of advertisement via his two silver jeepneys parked outside the shop
     which became his pride and joy.

The affable owner readily posed for me despite being busy chopping the braised duck for the lunch crowd which is streaming in.  There are pots of braised eggs, innards of intestines, taupok, pig ear, pig snout etc which have been soaked and boiled in the aromatic braised gravy that has not been changed for 37years as claimed.  The same gravy continues to be used with new top-up.  Unbelievable?  

The Pots of Eggs and Pig Snouts

We ordered a plate of Teochew Braised Duck Meat, Intestines, Taupok, Braised Eggs and Mustard Vegetables with 2 rice and one kway teow.  

The meal comes with soup as well and with the drinks that we ordered, the bill came upto 
RM33.00 only which is about SGD13+ for 4 of us is really a steal.

A variety of Tea Bags for your selection
The plate was generous with overflowing thin slices of braised duck meat that was aromatic tender without any duck gamey taste .  I like the braised egg which is well cooked.  The huge plate of  intestitine was also tender and well cleaned and braised.  My favourite is the mustard vegetable which is so "ooomph" to accompany your rice and not many places offer you this dish.  My order for the big fat peanut was not served otherwise I think that is also a nice dish.  

Ooooh !  My favourite Mustard Vegetable


Despite the "LOR" gravy which has been cooked over and over through the years, I do not find much flavour in it as it is neither thick or intense with flavour.

My impression:
Despite the tender and generous servings of duck meat and intestine, I find the flavour that comes with Teochew Braised Duck lacking.  It should have a robust "lor" taste but it's missing here.

Overall nice meal with the variety of accompaniments, nice laid back place and best of all it draws people to a quiet town like Skudai.


29, Jalan Emas Putih Dua
Taman Sri Skudai
81300 Johor Bahru, Johor
HP: 012-772 5508
Tel: 07-5563170

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