Sunday, May 13, 2012


As we passed close by Wat Hualumphong, we caught a glimpse of a large bright cheery cafe with tall full height glass windows that gives you a peep of what's happening inside.  You cannot miss it and you cannot deny its presence as being outstanding and  a well-lit see through building.

It's a two storey cafe with a huge catchy name TOO FAST TO SLEEP and no one is sleeping here.   Quite unlike your usual cafe hangout....., this is a 24hours unique concept cafe with a  big hall and tall ceilings which drew students in hoardes to this lovely place with an airm to study.  There are tables at the ground floor  and as you enter the second level, it's a duplex with the cafe on the upper section.  Pretty cosy place to relax as well.

On my return trip from Chinatown back to my hotel, I sidetracked and decided that I should stop by.    Interestingly,  as we entered, we were greeted with many patrons especially young college / university students (close by is Chulalongkorn University) buried in the books and papers. The place is packed to the brim. Many came in groups, some twosomes and others knew each other across the tables but all were with their studying materials except us. 

We came in WITHOUT OUR BOOKS, felt a bit odd, out of place as we were here to have a cuppa and relax but the students are not about to eye at you for being different. They were concentrating on their studies. They are neither in their school uniform as it is about 10+pm already and it looks like they are preparing to have an overnight staycation here studying.  More walked in to find that space is hard to come by.  We left not too long after our cuppa of latte and a slice of cake, to make way for them who came with a reason...STUDY.

Healthy Fruits Juices 
Both these pretty lasses had to share our couch but we left early so that more will have a place to study
Thoughtful displays brightens the place
No outside food and no sleeping here !!!!
Millie Cake but the layers have already turned soft.  
Cute decors creates pleasing sight

Japanese styled seating for the row on the right !

Now many are looking for their seats..

The cafe has many shelves filled with books not for your reference but to keep the atmosphere of a library.
Students were seen concentrating hard on their books and reference notes.  Ambience was just right and you can order a coffee or dessert and you can stay the whole night here and no one is going to chase you away unless you start to nod into dreamland.  You are not allowed to sleep here.

Whilst we left the students are still burning their mid-night oil but in the comfort of TOO FAST TO SLEEP cafe guarded by two tall wooden doors with the watchful eyes.  A safe haven.

Even as we flagged our taxi, the passengers who alighted were students lugging their books ready to start their journey through the night here to study hard amongst friends.

754 Rama 4 Road, Pathumwan
Phone:  086 577 8989

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