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Klang in the state of Selangor, Malaysia is about 30-45min away from Kuala Lumpur by car through the Federal Highways, has been reputed not only for their BAK KUT TEH but the birthplace as well.  Yes, everyone who loves BKT knows that if you like BKT, you have to try it in Klang.  The mushrooms of eateries selling this dish here is testament to Klang being the original creation of BKT as a special dish that becomes popular not only for the locals with its unique taste of the soup base and quality of the meat that elsewhere you would only expect a watered down version.

I was not familiar with Klang town and the only trusty information I have saved in my Iphone is the address of Taste with Jason - Astro TV or Axian's recommendation of Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh.  It must be good if not the best as Axian has alway done his groundwork before filming begins.

                                                       John Lee's (owner) helming the serving counter

Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh has been arround for generations and Mr John Lee (above) and his wife Sally is the third generation, having started by his grandfather Lee Boon Teh (Li Wen Di) since 1979.  To the Klang folks, it is known as "Under the Bridge Bak Kut Teh" as it is situated next to the bridge.  Dont expect airconditioned seatings of a restaurant but simple corner coffee shop with furnishing as old as it first started and it has an extended roofing on the side premise to cater the the large crowd, mostly locals who will throng this place for their BKT fix be it weekday or weekend.

                                         See the bridge next to the shop extension and the mostly local diners.

At first glance I was disappointed to note that most diners were having less than generous individual bowls as my perception that traditional BKT comes with a huge claypot full of steaming BKT soup filled with overflowing myriads and chockful of accompaniments like the ubiquitous towpok, mushroom, taukee and yeow char kwai (chinese cruellers).  Here, they served the BKT which comprised of your choice of Bak Kut (the meat with big bone) or pure meat  or pork hock and the soup base whilst the rest of accompaniments comes served invidually.  You can have tow kua, tow kua pok, yeow char kwai kwai & vegetables.  However you can also include "fern chang" intestine with your BKT.  They are very generous with the intestines served with the BKT and by the way it is well cleaned but I would have preferred it more braised.  So much intestines that I simply could not finish it.

Seng Huat's BKT soup is packed with herbs but not overpowering, a smooth consistency but non of the herbal taste distinctly stood out; it's a class of its own.  Meaty Pork ribs are boiled for hours with soy sauce, spices and  medicinal herbs like cinnamon, ginseng, star anise, goji berries, chinese foxglove and dried orange peel besides others as mentioned in their website.  I was very sure they have added ginseng as hours later I start to purge phlegms, a symptom which I will always experience whenever I have intake of ginseng. (my personal allergic reaction to ginseng).  Other than this, the medicinal herbs are good for your blood circulation and it keeps your body warm after the satisfying meal.

               Individual BKT bowl and I have added the intestine which is nice, not chewy nor hint of smell if not well washed

The serving staffs are not so friendly nor pleasant as they seemed impatient, less helpful nor cheery.  At my asking for additional helping of soup, the waiter mumbled to himself that I should have gotten it myself.  However, the boss was quite nice and gave me a big bowl of soup instead.

CHA WANG, fragrant smooth tea served by most BKT stalls

A basket of myriads of tea packets is available for your picking and I chose "Cha Wang" my usual selection and you just need to help yourself with the nearby boiling kettle on the charcoal stove.

The price is very reasonable; for two person with individual BKT bowl with intestine, towkua, tow kua pok, yeow char kwai with rice and tea, we paid only RM30+.

This is one of the most authentic BKT in Klang town but unfortunately it falls short of my expectation on the first attempt, reason being that the soup though nice was not distinctly flavourful, the experience of having little soup over meat ratio in the bowl was not within my personal liking (you can still top up the soup but here's I am talking about the dining experience that when you add the yeowchar kwai in the soup, it would have soaked up to the point that leaves you little to enjoy the soup) and the meat was not all tender (my personal opinion).

However, I have eaten to my heart's content that at least I have finally tried the original BKT at Klang town.

Restoran Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh
No. 9 Jalan Besar
41000 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Opening Hours: 7.30am-1.00pm; 5.30pm-8.30pm
Tel:  012-3098303


Johor Kaki said...

LOL I have been eating BKT until I am tired of it. Now your post got me craving for it again. I haven't been to Klang for more than 3 years already. Time to make a trip! ;D

JENCOOKS said...

Try other recommendation and tell your story of new finds in Klang.
Nice blog on Johor food u have.

FoodieFC said...

i love the intestines!

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