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There was a LUST for French food and  I did WANDER along the streets of Little India through Madras Street, Dunlop Street before I found the cocoon of a place called WANDERLUST Hotel, the brainwave boutique hotel of lawyer-turned-hotelier and restauranteur Loh Lik Peng.  At the ground floor of the hotel is a French Restaurant called COCOTTE and it has received rave reviews from food critics.

An unlikely place for French food in Little India, COCOTTE has blended in so well with the laissez-faire mood here. Frankly speaking, as I was looking for the restaurant, I noticed another couple, the lady in high heels seemingly frustrated looking for the French looking restaurant in an unlikely place as the old buildings there all looked the same, nothing French about it either.  How well hidden it is !! but never judge the book by the cover but look for the hidden gem and YES! I found it.

You would have excused yourself for stepping into a wrong place at the sight of two old fashioned barber chair that sits at the entrance of the hotel but that's how laid back  the place is. It's uber chic and funky at the entrance actually. You could just leave behind whatever feelings you have and you can enter the world of French communal dining where you commune with the rest through the great food served here.

Cocotte's Head Chef is non other than ANTHONY YEOH, formerly a partner with Mervyn Lee of the FUNKY CHEF team who have brilliantly provided the services of  private chefs for hire. The charming rotund chef  who has sheepishly revealed his age to be 29 has an illustrious achievement to dish out heartwarming simple hearty French cuisine at Cocotte where the menu is meant for sharing and even if you are dining alone, you will feel the communal atmosphere here through the meal that comes with La Cressuet colourful enamel cast iron casseroles.  Such a homely feel clouds over you as you dine.

I opted for the 3-course set lunch at SGD29.00++ per person.

I preferred soup for appetizers over a list which included
Chicken Liver Mousse
Rosette french cured sausage
Pear Bleu D Avarone Salad or
Fried Tripe

On hindsight I could have tried the Fried Tripe which is slow cooked till tender but my initial la resistance to something new is to start with something I am familiar with.  I had creamy mushroom soup of the day instead with French Buns and French Butter (note it is French Butter !!!! how authentic) served in a basket with picnic chequered muslin cloth.  This is more than enough to fill me for lunch.
I was divided over the choice of main course and at the same time distracted by two Japanese ladies who has wandered  from Japan and discovered this nook at this hour. 

I opted haute cuisine of BOEUF BOUGUINON (also called Beef Burgundy), a well known French receipe which is Grass Fed Beef Braised in Red Wine and served with Sauteed Mushrooms, Pearl Onions and Roasted Baby Potatoes.    Gosh! it's really communal dining as I find that I could not wipe the dish clean off my plate because it just too much for me.
And my dessert should have country flavour as it is a Traditional Cake from the Basque Region.  The Basque Cake should be a better choice over ubiquitous Ice Creams and Sorbets, Passion Tarts, Chocolate Mousse or Creme Brulee.  It's a nice dessert to round up the meal but it's not your usual refined cake from the pattiserie but a more homemade texture and flavour.

Finally,  I had my cuppa coffee but you may top up $10 for a glass of house wine to pair with the meal.

Since I love Brussel Sprouts Amandine (garnished with almonds), I could not stop at the set meal as I chanced upon this simple dish on the menu and it was calling for my attention though I knew I will be definitely filled to the brim already with the set meal. Nice crunchy vegetable garnished with slices of browned almonds and I love every bite of it.

Overall, a more than satisfatory meal. Reasonably priced and I love the rustic cozy feel of the restaurant which includes a bar to extend your dining experience after the wonderful French meal. You couldnt ask for more, invariably keeps you coming back!

2 Dickson Road, Singapore, Singapore 209494
Open Mon-Thu noon-2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm
Fri & Sat noon-2.30pm,6.30-11pm & Sun closed

About Located on the ground level of Wanderlust, COCOTTE serves up unpretentious, rustic French cuisine and encourages social interaction and communal dining.And then getting totally hammered at the hotel bar after.
Price Range $$$ (30-50)
Culinary team Head Chef Anthony Yeoh  & Sous Chef Alysia Chan
Email info@restaurantcocotte.com
Phone +65 6298 1188
Website http://www.restaurantcocotte.com

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